Why so serious

I’m around. Getting readjusted to a new time zone and working schedule so my writing is suffering a bit. Hoping for a return of creativity soon.

In the meantime…


Who doesn’t like boobies while they wait?


  1. Ah yes …if you’re keeping track, please put me down on the “Yes I do like Boobies” side

    You would have anyway I’m sure.

    I notice you have a small gold adornment (a locket perhaps?) that you always seem to wear.

    BTW ….you look damn fine in Black as well as the Teal

    Glad you made it in one piece …are you and your GF still talking? I mean 5 days in a car, over New Years, could add a tad of stress.


  2. That gives me a pretty good business idea. Everyone hates waiting for the elevator, right? Just put some cheap displays on the elevator doors, hook ’em up to a cam site, and bam! No one ever complains about waiting for the elevator again! You even provided the perfect tagline for the advertisements! “Who doesn’t like boobies while they wait?” and then the image is a bunch of business crowding over each other in front of an elevator door.

I like it when you talk to me

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