Who You Want


I’ll be…

Leather clad, stiletto wearing, whip wielding woman. Stripes on your thighs, my heel in your back. Demanding my “Yes, Miss” so you’ll get pleasure from pleasing me.

Pressing, commanding, “Strip for me. Right. Fucking. Now.” And you do.

Making you like it, making you feel good because I’m making you do what I want. You bend for me, you give to me, so willingly.

Your reward is the taste of my cum on your tongue as you bring me off.


Pliant, reverent, eager to please. Open to your leading, to your hand firm at the nape of my neck, firmer still on the swell of my ass.

I’ll kneel for you, my head bowed and my body ready.

“Please,” a plea on my lips only for you. “Yes,” my ready response to your every command. Take me wherever and whenever you’d like because I am your girl.

My reward is your groan of pleasure as I service you any way you’d like.

I’ll be whatever you want.


I like it when you talk to me

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