Come On


In the heat of the moment

His cock a piston into my core, drilling deeper and stretching me wide.

I’ve given him every position the moment he asks for it. On my back with my thighs against his chest, on my knees with my ass high, on top as I straddle his hips and rock to a secret rhythm.

He pulls out and I’m bereft, but I want the satisfaction of him exploding

“Where do you want to cum?”

“Where will you let me?”

I stare up at him, hovering over me, and know exactly what he wants before he says it.

“Stick out your tongue”

I do and watch him stroke his cock. Faster, faster, a blur of his hands as he focuses on my splayed body and I focus on my price.

“Shit! I’m gonna cum.”

I close my eyes and open my mouth wide as the first warm spray covers my cheek. Then my lips, my closed lids, my neck… Until I’m covered in the his sticky spunk.

And a strange part of me could purr with pleasure at the act of receiving.


  1. Yum! Yes, this is what I’m talking about. Exactly that feeling when he wants to come on your face. Some find it degrading. I suppose it depends whom you do it with and how much respect there is outside of the bedroom 🙂

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