Working the weekends always messes me up so I scoured my archives for something. Tuesday I hope to do a late entry for the week because that photo is too good to ignore. Check out the other options.

“Go slow.”

I feel your hand at the back of my neck, offering comfort with a squeeze. Your lips brush along the shell of my ear before you whisper, “You know I will.”

I do know, have known since the first time I met you. It was the sincerity in your voice as you told me about yourself, it was in the sharpness of your eyes as you made observations, it was in the firm hand around my waist the first time I let you hold me.

“Trust me to give you a small amount of pleasure. Trust me with just this one thing.”

You slide your hand down my back and press until I bend forward and let my cheek rest on your bed. My feet stay planted on the floor as you kneel behind me. It’s the anticipation, the unknown, my vulnerability that arouses me.

You leave me bent like that for long moments before you touch me. I feel exposed as your hands travel up my thighs to that spot in between. You barely touch me, fingertips grazing wet lips and making me quiver. I feel you trace the bit of steel that had been hidden before I feel warm breath on my thigh.

“You smell so good here.”

Air catches in my chest as lips take the path your fingers just traversed. Up my thigh, nipping and licking. Your breathing is heavy now like the taste of my skin excites you, like you’re held captive by anticipation, too.

The moment your tongue slips between my parted lips, we both groan. My back dips down, raising my hips and offering myself to you. Your hands sink into the tops of my thighs, pulling me back against your mouth and the assault of your tongue.

I can’t help moaning… My eyes squeeze tight, my body shaking as I struggle to remain upright.

“Relax. Let your body do what it wants.”

Your teeth sink into my ass just enough to send a jolt through me. I shiver as your lips kiss the spot you just bit. Then more soft kisses all over my ass.

“Think about me enjoying you, savoring your taste on my tongue. Know that I’m so hard and waiting for the moment I’m inside you.”

I breathe in and out, letting the sensations move through me, relax me. Letting your words work on my mind.

Two fingers slide inside, pumping slowly as you continue tracing and sucking. I let myself go as you take me up, sending me to the edge and pushing me over.

“That’s it.” The soft sound of your words accompanies the wet press of your thigh to my lips as I tremble. “That’s how it should be.”


  1. I adore your writing…sensuous, erotic, and powerful enough to make me squirm. I’ll keep the MM post up an extra day if you want to get another post written for the photo prompt. 🙂

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