Revealing lenses

I love exposing myself.

A funny thing to say, but true in a way. For all my conservative reservations, I’ve experienced very little guilt when it comes to my need to pose provocatively.

Funny considering I was taught to value my body and save it for the one who’d love me forever. To not give away what belonged to him. Maybe I’ll regret my free giving someday, but the urge to share now burns hot in me.

I don’t always need to know someone is looking or that they are responding to what they see. There’s just something arousing about sitting in front of a camera and posing. Showing my breasts, modeling a corset, opening my thighs, teasing, tempting. I get hot knowing someone might see.

Today, the need hit me again. 

The urge to pose was so strong. I stripped down to my skin and lay back on the bed. My nipples were hard in an instant. The camera sat at a distance, facing my splayed thighs, a perfect view of my cunt on the screen.

I let my hand play while the shutter clicked.

My pussy hidden between my fingers, then not. click Labia parted so the pink peaked out. click Two fingers thrust in to find me wet. click Clit erect as I rubbed. click.

Aroused by the thought that I’d post each photo and know you’d see every inch of me.

I came to the thought of being seen. My body arching as I bit my lip to keep from calling out.

Will you appreciate my gift? 


Naughty naughty. I saw this week’s MM prompt and couldn’t resist trying out the pose. Ah, but I toed the line for this post. I’m sure others provided some equally naughty fodder. Do go have a look. 

Just a tease, a tease, a tiny tiny tease.  A post will follow with some of the other photos I took. If you’re lucky, you might see them. 


  1. I can relate to the need to pose. However I’m not so bold as to post it for all to see. The ones to see are a few select ones. But there is something hot about fixing an image ‘on film’ (as if that existed any more!).

  2. Wow, Cara. I stay off of WP and return to see how delightfully you have illustrated your sensual side – punctuated with delicious imagery! You have changed your password, sweetie!

      1. Hi Sweetie! I am trying to get back! My schedule is changing a bit so I should be able to be here more (as long as Will “lets’s me stay in his blog. 😉

      2. He is. He always has been. I was distracted by so much going on in my life. I really left him to fend for himself. I do like being here and I adore my friendships!

  3. Holly guacamole Batman!
    I’m in the same boat as Savannah – a while away from WP and this is the vista I return to!
    I can’t begin to tell you how much I want to see the rest of the photoset … or to be the photographer!
    How will I respond to seeing your exhibiting? I don’t imagine you’ll need to guess.

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