Flash 4 

730 words

“Slip your shirt off and let me have a look at you.”

She played with the hem a moment before pulling the thin blouse up and off her body. Her breasts seemed to swell inside the Demi-cupped bra, the pink lace doing nothing to cover her nipples as they threatened to pop out. A blush heated her face as she wondered what he thought of the color against her skin. The way his breathing increased gave her a hint.

“Now your trousers.”

God, the way he spoke never failed to start a fire in her belly. His accent stirred her, the proper English flowing from his tongue to tease her skin, making her feel like the peasant girl of a proper lord. Anything you want, my lord.

The interactions started friendly, two bloggers with a mutual interest connecting. It was innocent emails that progressed to easy conversations on the phone then to long moments of Skype to make up for the distance.

Things evolved quickly and the first time she saw the way his eyes slid over her body through the screen, she’d wanted to give in to the desire burning in her.

“No panties? What a naughty girl you are.”

She glanced at the screen, the image of him filling it completely. The fit of his suit jacket across his shoulders was as precise as he was. He looked every inch the successful businessman, as put together as she had come to expect.

He released his cock from the confines of his pants, the engorged length doing nothing to mar his image of a put together man. It stood tall and proud and her pussy ached at the thought of him stretching her as he buried himself to the hilt.

“Now lay back and let me see that pretty quim.”

It was impossible not to moan. He knew how much she loved him saying such thing. The dirty words with that accent changing them to something sexy.

She laid flat on the bed, spreading her thighs so the lips of her pussy opened. She could feel how damp she was, the slight chill in the air teasing her. His intake of breath made her tremble, her eyes taking in his hunger as he gazed at her. His fist closed around his cock and she groaned with so much longing.

“Very pretty and so wet. I’d give so much to feast on you. Licking and sucking at your lovely cunt until you came all over my face.”

The image of his dark head moving better her thighs made her arch in need. Oh God, she may come from the image alone.

“Please,” she whimpered, her hand reaching up to tease one nipple that had slipped from her bra. “Please.”

“Naughty girl. I didn’t say you could touch yourself, but I want to watch you play so show me how you like it.”

She obeyed, reaching down to circle her clit as she pinched a nipple hard. It felt amazing, her orgasm lurking under the surface.

“Fuck yourself.”

Two fingers pushed inside, a third followed because she knew that’s what he wanted to see. Her stretched wide. She released her nipple to rub at her clit while she rocked her hips to find that perfect angle. Just watching him work his hand in tandem with the thrust of her fingers drove her right to the edge. The crystal clear picture showed drops of pre-cum oozing from the red-head. She wanted him there with her fiercely, longed to feel him and smell him, needed to feel his breath on her skin.

Just the thought of him whispering dirty things in her ear was enough to topple her. With a cry she came, her body squeezing hard at her fingers as she imagined him inside her.

“So beautiful.”

His groan proceeded the tensing of his body as he came. Thick ropes of cum shot from him, decorating his suit jacket. His hips jerked with his release, but his eyes remained glued to her.

All her energy disappeared as she came down from her high. She left her legs spread, unwilling to deny him visual access to her body.

“You are such a good girl.”

She felt her face heat under his praise. He made her feel like his special girl every time they spoke.

“Thank you, sir.” She held his gaze. “Thank you, Nick.”


  1. I sprayed tea all over the keyboard at the last word:-)

    And this is only Day 4 of your month-long extravaganza. Will you be having a ‘party’ with John, Dawn and the rest of the gang soon, too?

    June looks like it could be a fun month for everybody 🙂

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