Flash 5 

For MM.

Months holed up in this fucking cell with no sign of rescue was starting to wear on Adam. 

The ambush of his team on a simple reconnaissance mission deep into the Japanese territory had killed his comrades, leaving only himself and his commander, Grant. They’d been stripped of their clothing, bound tight in an intricate web of rope, and marched through the trees like prized pigs to be slaughtered. 

Except their captors had done nothing. They’d placed them in a cell that was barely twenty by twenty and left them there to rot with only one meal a day. They shared what little they got, designated a corner of the cell with a bucket as the bathroom, and learned to survive mentally and physically by depending on each other. It was harder than a man of twenty-four should have to handle. 

No clothes, they’d been forced to seek warmth from each other as the nights grew colder. The narrow cot would fit them both if they lay spooned tight, taking turns keeping the other warm and alive. 

The commander was hard as nails even when they started losing weight. Grant exercised in what little space they had and made Adam workout as well. The man spoke strategy and kept him from falling apart mentally. Adam learned a lot about the older man and developed a deep respect. 

Once or twice early on Adam would wake with the commander pressed to his back, his breath ghosting over his neck and cheek. He’d have the worse hard on from a dream centering around the two of them. It embarrassed the hell out of him, but Grant never said a word. 

It grew harder to keep erections a secret as time wore on. Watching Grant do push ups against the wall, his back and arms flexing, his ass contracting, was more than he could handle at times. Being pressed to his warm skin at night, feeling the rise and fall of his chest and smelling his sweat drove him crazy. The isolation wasn’t what would kill him. 

One morning he woke with an especially raging piece of morning wood that nestled between the commander’s cheeks. For one moment, before his brain clicked in gear, his hips canted forward and back as he enjoyed the remnants of a particularly hot dream. His cock was wet with precum that coated those firm globes and slicked his journey. A loud grunt jolted him fully awake and he rolled away to stand. He tried taking a piss hoping to relieve the pressure, but knew nothing short of emptying his balls would help. 

He pressed a palm into the wall and wiped a frustrated hand down his face. Adam stared down at his cock bobbing with the pulse of his heart and cursed it quietly. 

“What the fuck are you doing?” 

Adam jumped at the gruff voice. His head fell back with a sigh. “I’m debating a piss, but my dick won’t cooperate.” 

A hand just above his ass made him jump again. “Looks like you need to take care of that a different way.” 

Heat infused his face at the thought of jacking off while his captain watched. “Look, it’ll go down in…” 

Quick as a blink, he was pinned to the wall. A hand at his neck and Grant’s body plastered to his back kept him from moving. He was hard as steel, his cock pressed between Adam’s cheeks. 

“What did I tell you when they stuck us in here?” The deadly soft way Grant spoke made him shiver. 

Wetting dry lips, Adam pushed the words out that had been drilled into him. “We do whatever it takes to keep each other alive and surviving.” 

“Whatever it takes,” Grant whispered. “Now get on the fucking bed.” 

Adam was released as quickly as he was pinned. He hesitated for a second, but moved to the cot on all fours. 

“On your back.”

The second he obeyed, Grant wrapped a hand around Adam’s cock and slid down to the root before squeezing tight. Their eyes locked as the hand holding him twisted up to the head of his weeping erection. 

“We take care of each other, understand?” Adam gave a jerky nod, unable to speak. “When we need each other, we give what the other needs.” 

Then the speaking stopped until only Adam’s tortured groans filled the space. It was perfect and he was a slave to the pleasure. The hungry way Grant watched him as he jacked Adam off nearly sent him over the edge. 

“I’ve been waiting for this moment,” Grant rasped. “I’m going to suck the cum from your cock, then flip you over and fuck that tight ass of yours. I can’t fucking wait to feel you clamped around me.”

That did it. The tinge in his spine blossomed out, drawing his balls up tight and stiffening every muscle in his body. Grant stopped his strokes and leaned forward to wrap his lips around the head of Adam’s cock. If he wasn’t already exploding, the sight alone would’ve done it. 

He came with a strangled curse, his body jerking as he unloaded into the welcome warmth of his commander’s mouth. It went on for such long moments, Adam thought he would pass out from the pleasure. 

Finally, he subsided and with one less gentle suck, Grant released him for his mouth. His gaze was hard on Adam, promising something with his eyes. 

With a wipe of his hands across his mouth, Grant placed a hand on Adam’s hip. “On your hands and knees, boy. Time for the help I need.” 


  1. When it started out, I was surprised as it’s most unlike anything else I’ve seen you write here – but by the end it had your fingerprints all over it. The good part being that it never turned into the norm for your output, but was unique in and of itself.
    Nicely done.

    1. I rarely do anything with a military slant. I can think of one other post and it’s more recent. It’s just nothing something I have a good grasp on or can imagine easily so I leave it to the more capable. I actually wrote quite a bit of non-erotic fiction in the past, but I like erotica because it’s not as easy to write as everyone thinks. I’m trying to pick a topic for my next post that isn’t erotic at all.

      1. Nothing like a challenge to hone ones skills – look forward to seeing the results.
        Also, know what you mean about erotica – like any genre or style, you can write it, but writing it WELL takes skill.

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