Flash 15 

a true quickie?

He bends me over the table, the grain scratching my nipples as I arch my back. 

I give a wiggle, just to entice, and earn a hard slap where thigh meets ass. A jumbled sound, one that’s half moan and half purr tumbles from me, earning a delightful chuckle from him. That sting turns into a burn that fires my body. 

The urge to tease more is halted by a hand at my nape, pressing my cheek into the cold wood. The other hand palms my ass, parting it to gaze between. My wetness is evident to me as it coats my lips and thighs, but I know he sees what he does to me. 

I widen my stance, begging silently for him. Clinging to what’s left of my pride, I beg without words for the stretch of his cock, the bite of the table into my thighs, the sound of wet flesh and slapping skin, the ache of his hand at my hip holding me steady, his absolute control of my body as he thrusts. I’m ready for his taking. 

He slides a finger around my erect clit and I tremble at the bright sensations that seize me. The head of his cock dips between and I’m held too tight to press back. He’s waiting for me to beg and pride be damned… 

“Please fuck me.”


I like it when you talk to me

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