1. Damn! Not as exciting as yours, evidently!

    I see you have a gag in- I never got the appeal of those, how am I supposed to shove my cock in your mouth when you’re tied up if you have a gag in? 🙂

      1. Pretty much. If you’d asked ma an hour ago would I like to hog tie someone and then fuck them, I’d almost certainly have said no. If you’d asked me if I’d like to gag them as well, again, I’d probably have said no. Whilst I’ve seen plenty of similar depictions in porn, those have never been the pictures I’ve stopped at to cum to. The degree of male dominance and female subjugation has made me somewhat uncomfortable. (I really don’t like porn where the guy has his hand at the woman’s throat.) I’ve had fun with light bondage in the past, but this is a step or two further than I’ve been. So the fact that your picture has me imagining what I’d like to do having got you in that position is unexpected.

      2. Maybe it’s the conversation we’ve had that makes it more arousing? There’s something to be said about seeing a sexy photo of someone you’ve talked to in some fashion. I’m not totally unknown.

      3. I think you’re absolutely right. The fact that I know you want to be tied up like that, and that you want to enjoy your vulnerability to be taken advantage of. The fact that your man has your permission to do whatever he wants next.
        There’s always a question over consent in porn. This, however … you! … I want to be the one to tie your bonds tight … and then …

I like it when you talk to me

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