#Boobday A little sweat

I’m traveling today, of all days. It’ll be flying, nights in a hotel room, hot desert sun, and a little bit of fun. Lots of sweat, too! 

Here’s to making good memories where there have only been bad ones. 

(Just finished working out so I’m toweling my back off in the photo. Lol). 

See what other good things are happening today


      1. I’ve wondered about getting another piercing. Nipples are probably out (for practical reasons I won’t go into) but I love the idea of getting a ring in my cock. Not a PA, just through the skin, possibly just above my shaft or between my shaft and my balls. That said, I’m sure a PA would be a whole lot of fun with the right person – I’m just not sure I want to get a needle through my glans.

      2. I’ve considered getting my hood pierced off and on for a few years. I’ve had my labia pierced but my body rejected those. As someone who likes sex on the rougher side, I’d love the feel of a PA I think. Meow

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