The three of us

Lazy Sunday musings. Unedited

“Hold that pose.” Lisa tilted my chin a little higher.

I arched just a little, trying to ignore that ache that had nothing to do with the position I was in. The faint smell of my desire tickled my nose. Anticipation and nervousness had a way of riling me up. My eyes slid closed at the coming possibilities.

“Perfect.” Her voice was assertive with a sharp edge of lust to it. “Don’t move yet, let me show this to Rick. I think I know the next pose for you both.”

I relaxed just a little, leaning forward on my knees and bracing my hands more on the floor. I listened to their low murmurs by the bed and let my mind wander a bit. My attempts at calming my nerves

“God, you’re sexy,” husky voice whispered in my ear.

A feather light touch trailed down my back to the crack of my ass. I spread my knees and moved my hips back, displaying more of me. I can’t bring myself to look at either of them so I let my eyes take in the details of the carpet.

“Get behind her, Richard.” Lisa’s throaty  alto voice sent my heart rate into a gallop. “I want a picture of you against her.”

I breathe out as he moves in behind me. There’s just his body heat and I lean forward to give him room. Then it’s the touch of his furred chest to my back, his hands sliding down my arms, his hips tucking into my ass, his bare cock nestling to the curve of my bottom, and his hairy thighs bracketing mine. My eyes unfocus for a moment at the contact. It always feels good to be against another person, to feel them for the first time.

“Let me see your cock against her pussy.”

He shuffles back just a bit and I feel the brush of his hand on my ass before the head paints a wet track on my skin. I lift up just a little as he thrusts his hips forward, his cock easing along my perineum and against my labia. I sigh as it rests on my clit.

It’s almost indecent when I look down. His cock engorged and flushed pink cradled against the dark lips of my pussy. I can’t help rocking into it, wetting it, hinting at what I want. Richard’s hands find my hips, his body pressing counter to mine. Encouraging me along.

“That’s it.”

She’s moved closer, the camera trained between my thighs. I watch her, her dark hair wild around her face, her parted lips wet from the slide of her tongue, and the blush that touched her checks and neck. I want her so intensely my breath catches in my throat.

“So delicious. How does she feel, Richard?”

“Wet, hot.” His breath fans over my shoulder.

“Do you want to fuck her?” There was just a hint of steel in the question.

He simply laughs and thrusts against me.

“Lisa.” Her name leave my lips on a moan as Richard’s cock bumps my clit. “Can I touch you?”

The camera disappears in a flash and she’s so close I can make out the flecks of gold in her eyes.

“You can do more then touch me, pretty girl.”

Her lips take mine in a kiss that’s aggressive and overwhelming. I gave myself over to it all, the feel of him behind me and the heat of her kiss. My fingers find the buttons of her shirt, fumbling until I can find skin. She’s bare under the fabric, warm and soft. I feel like it’s my first time as I tentatively trace her pebbled nipple.

“Don’t be gentle,” Richard whispers into my ear. “She likes it rough.”

Lisa releases my lips and pulls me into her chest. “Don’t be afraid to bite.”

I inhale the warm scent clinging to her skin before licking at one taut nipple. She pulls me in more, thrusting her chest forward. I take her hint and latch on, sinking my teeth in deep before sucking hard.

“Yes.” Her hands grip my neck, holding and guiding me.

She let me taste and nibble one breast before leading me to the other. Richard continued the gentle rocking motion, teasing me unbearably.

Her hand guides me lower. I lick at her skin, tasting salt and soft flesh. My eagerness increases the closer I get to the waist of her skirt. She wastes no time pulling the hem up and baring herself. Glistening lips, pink and puff, and her clit peeking out in invitation. The need to have my mouth on her pussy is more intense than I’ve ever experienced. I need it now.

I skim my hands up her thighs, grateful when she parts them.

Nervousness hits me. I’ve never really touched another woman and worry I’ll disappoint. I know her history and I don’t want to be the one who failed to please her.

She pulls me in, not letting me back down or give in to anxiety. “Just have a taste and you’ll love it.”

My mouth presses to her smooth cunt in an open mouth kiss. She’s far wetter than I am and I let my tongue gather as much as I can. Surprisingly, she doesn’t push me, letting me set the pace for the moment. I knew it wouldn’t last. But God does she taste good. Just having my tongue wiggling in as deep as I could go made me hot.

“Richard, fuck her like you fuck me.” Her hips thrust up into my mouth as she pulls until she can lay flat and I’m bent at the waist. “Fuck her now so I can lick her off your cock.”

I moan into her wet flesh, my lips latched around her clit. My anxiety has morphed into this wanton need that had me wiggling my hips. I suck and lick and taste with abandon.

That first thrust, that first stretch, that slight pain was perfect. He was merciless, setting a pace that drove my face deep into her. I braced my hands on her thighs and ate her with the same vigor he used on me.

“So hot.” He mumbled above me but I was too into it to hear.

I lived for every lick, for her tremble, for her yell, for the gush of her on my chin when she came repeatedly. Man, could she cum with a ferocity that was amazing. The clench of her thighs around my head and her loud screams sent me into a frenzy.

It didn’t take long for my focus to shift as Richard fucked me in earnest, hitting just the right spot. I was so close to coming, my thighs shaking as I hovered on the edge. He must have sensed it because just a flick of his fingers on my clit had me arching up and babbling my satisfaction.

“Shit,” he hissed out, his hands gripping my thighs hard.

She sat up like a shot. “Richard, I want your cum.”

Her eyes blazed and he scrambled to obey. The loss of him from my cunt made me groan, but I leaned back on my haunches and watched as he straddled her chest and allowed her to suck him down her throat. It was mesmerizing, watching the clench of his ass as he thrust and listening to her slurp

Richard stiffened, a loud groan filling the room as he spurted down her throat. She seemed to savor every mouthful, humming and sucking. I fingered my clit as I watched them both come down, unable to look away from the intimate moment.

She released his relaxed cock with a pop, licking the length of it before letting her head drop.

“Mmm, delicious.” Her satisfaction was evident with every lick of her lips. She glanced at me, her eyes still burning with hunger. “Now I want to taste that pussy myself.”

Richard chuckled as he settled back on the floor. “Don’t let her wear you out, she’s insatiable.”


      1. I think if you dream your dreams hard enough, they tend to come true, if only because you are open to the things that make them come true πŸ™‚
        (not sure I make sense, if not, I apologise. But keep dreaming!)

  1. Brilliant story…or plan;-)

    But your action photographer is just rubbish. You need somebody who will not be distracted by other people’s interactions and groans. I’m good at that. Let me know when you need a hand…er, a finger on the camera release. Or anything else to help.

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