Bound by promises
by tight disappointment 
Bound by longing
by unrequited want
Bound in satisfaction
by stifling pain
Bound by emotions
by the regret pressed to my skin



      1. I always end up not doing memes because so many other people participate and you have to comment everyone else’s post. Half the time, I don’t have time to comment

  1. Welcome to Sinful Sunday. I am so glad you joined in. I do encourage people to comment but I am aware that the list is rather long and getting to everyone can be a challenge but it would be nice to think that people could at least pick 5 at random to visit…… just a thought ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I love your image, the way the rope fits round your body showing off your narrow waist and the curve of your hips is so beautiful


      1. Yes, an extra 10 Sinful Sunday points, especially if you can lure her back again…. And Cara, it really would be lovely to see you on Sinful Sunday again. I was just looking through your blog have some truly stunning images here that would be amazing to share with the Sinful Sunday community. I know commenting can be a pain but really, as long as you visit a few posts on the list that totally counts and even if you only manage one, please don’t let that put you off joining in


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