Days of Christmas: 2

“On the fifth days of Christmas my true love gave to me…”

She arched her back and presented her breasts to him. His low murmur was exactly what she hoped for when he saw the decorated tips.  

The slight lift of his brow signaled what he required. She knelt for his inspection, holding her breath as he circled her slowly. It was impossible not to relax under his gaze, the heat of his pleasure in her warming her to the core. 

He stopped behind her, and a light pressure on her shoulder sent her to all fours with her knees spread. She was hot and wet, anticipation colliding with the reality of being in his presence after so long apart. 
“What a pretty present you are.”

She shivered as his fingers traced a line down her back. They tickled over the globe of her bottom before gliding down her thigh. 

“I see you got me something to play with for Christmas. And for after…”

Back up those fingers traced, making lazy circles on her inner thigh. She could barely keep still as they inched closer to her parted lips. Liquid arousal dribbled down to meet him, begging him to follow. He massaged the wetness into her skin before stopping just short of where she ached. There was no suppressing her whimper. 

“Needy girl. Your cunt must ache now more than ever.”

“Yes, sir,” she breathed out. 

Finally he touched her. A trace of her labia, a hard pinch of her clit, a sharp tug on one of the rings that pierced her body. She gave a sigh and spread her legs wider. 

She sank to her elbows and gave him total access to play with his Christmas toy. 


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