Days of Christmas: 9

I was told I do my best editing after I hit publish. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰

“Suck it, baby. Lick it like a candy cane.”

If she wasn’t so focused on the task, she would have rolled her eyes at him. As it was, she blocked out his chatter and concentrated on sucking. 

His hands plunged into her hair, holding her still when she slid her mouth down to the root of his cock. Her pointy ear headband toppled to the ground beside her knees. 

“What a good elf you are.” He panted his pleasure as his hips jerked up. “Such a good little helper.” 

The zipper of his suit pants scraped her chin, her hands digging into his thighs to hold herself steady. He was rough as he fucked her mouth, but God help her it turned her on to have his cock buried in her throat. 

“Shit, I’m going to come.” His grip in her hair tightened painfully. 

Before she could even consider slipping a finger under the hideous green elf costume, he was coming down her throat.  She gagged and swallowed quickly.  

“Swallow it all like a good girl,” he demanded in a long groan. “Don’t spill any of your Christmas gift.”

He held her still as she attempted to do just that. Jet after jet coated her mouth as she swallowed everything he gave until he grew flaccid between her lips. She released him with a wet pop before laying her face on his thigh. 

The way he stroked her face could’ve been called loving if done by anyone else. Unfortunately she knew him too well. He tapped her face with a gloved fingertip and pointed to the door. “My favorite cocksucking elf, break’s over.”

The tender moment was over in an instant. He zipped the red suit up with a flourish ready to greet his crowd as though she hadn’t been on her knees before him. She rose to her feet as gracefully as she could manage in that ridiculous costume and went to the door of Santa’s House to welcome the after lunch rush. 

As a little girl of seven approached with her mother, she licked her lips once to check for cum before plastering on a smile. “Santa will see you now.” 


  1. That is both excellently written and a wee bit… I don’t know… almost unfortunate. He comes across as having no seeming genuine affection for her (at least in this chunk of story) and that makes me feel sad.

  2. β€œSanta will see you now.” What a fun story, Cara… and sexy too. As soon as I read ‘Red Suit’, I knew in an instant it must be Saint Nick. There is a lot going on in this story, one of your better ones.

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