Days of Christmas: 11

‘Twas the night before Christmas 

And all through the house 

Came the sound of flesh slapping 

Plus a woman wearing clamps just under her blouse 

Stockings were clipped to garters with care 

In hopes that they’d be next getting fucked on the stair 

Me with my welted bottom 

And Kayla next getting her slaps 

Were about to settle down for a ropes session with Sir Thwaps

When deep in the dungeon, there arose such a clatter 

I dashed down the steps to see what was the matter 

When what to my wonderous eyes should appear

But a sexy Santa in ass-less chaps and eight women dressed like deer (think only antlers) 

Okay… Okay… I give on this one. I was giggling too hard to finish it. Feel free to complete the timeless tale in the comments, but I call uncle on this one. You can spank me later. 😉


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