Here’s a short story a lovely reader sent. I don’t often post stories from others especially when I’m the topic, but I liked it and wanted to share. I am a bit vain so there is that. 😉 a little editing on my part, but all him 

I awoke in the middle of the night with a hard cock. Heavy, throbbing, swollen as Cara would have called it. 

 I tried to think of what I must have been dreaming to put me into such a state, and realized it was her that occupied my thoughts. 

 Cara’s last story and her latest obsession with being spanked had aroused me, and that was what woke me. I tossed for a bit, plagued by need, but my futile effort to return to sleep was hindered by my unconscious squeezing of my cock. I knew I had to see the photo she had shared recently. 

Yes, that’s it

In addition to erotic stories and poetry, Cara occasionally displays sensous photos of herself. The last one has been on my mind and I knew I had to find relief. Thoughts of sucking her nipple, while rolling her clit in my fingers before traveling down her body with my tongue, consumed me as I looked at her photo and stroked my cock. 

Hearing her moans, in my mind, as I spanked and caressed her ass increase my stroking, as I think of how wonderful it would be to part her lips with my tongue and gently suck on her wet clit. I imagine pulling Cara to the edge of the bed and standing before her to tease her pussy with the head of my cock, as she begs me to fuck her

“Please.” Would fall so pretty from her lips….

But that will have to wait, as I just came. Seeing the slope of her breast, the round of her ass and her fingers on her clit has brought me to orgasm. 

And no this is not an open invitation for people to send me tribute photos, but I’ve interacted with this gent for a long time and appreciated the gesture. That and it got me hot reading it 


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