1. I have to tell you, your last post really hit home. I have an almost non-existent blog audience and I have wondered whether to change things, or push the limits more or just to quit

  1. Sorry m’dear – I don’t believe in multi-tasking and I need to keep my eyes on these curves; it would be SO EASY to get distracted.

    The only thing better than finding this image in my in-box would be capturing it, live.


  2. …and yet again you post a pic that teases and leaves me speechless.
    Lovely as always and here’s looking forward to that which is brewing reaching that perfect blend that you enjoy enough to share with us fortunate folks visiting your blog.

  3. Sorry … can’t … send … motivation … Too … busy … responponding … to … your … motivation … Will … beeeeee … wiiiiiith … yooooou … iiiiiiin …. aaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa … miiiiinute …. aaaaaaaaaaaasssssss … soon as I’ve wiped this up.

I like it when you talk to me

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