Sorry. Work was hectic so you get words of apology instead of sexy of any kind. 

I’m feeling old and not particularly sexy considering I limped around like a 75 year old woman with osteoporosis and a bad hip all day. 12 hours of that and I was downing pain killers like it was my job immediately after work. 

So forgive me and allow me a pass. I’ll make it up to you. 

You pick 

  1. Boobies
  2. Short story – new
  3. Continue a short story (your choice) 
  4. Another post from Hunter 

Come on and tell me 


  1. Only what inspires you. Sorry to hear you were hurting and sorry I can’t be there to sooth the pain. Since I am first… I’m always up for Boobday… actually, I get up after seeing Boobday.

  2. Aw, hope you feel better! The week is coming to a close and the end always feels more intense and if it actually turns out to be so, that makes the tiredness sink in more – but like all things that are a pain, this too shall pass!
    Also, I promise you dear lady, you are no old woman – and even should the day come when the calenders say so, if your spirit stays as simmering on the inside as it is now, then that’s what matters. 🙂

    And well, seems like the basic plan is already decided and since I have no complaint on that score, I’ll leave that.

  3. Why don’t you just take a few days of me-time? Get over your hurts and aches. And the 12 hour days! If you need to write, do so. But don’t post until next week so we all know you rested. Even if you didn’t.

    Please note. This does not allow you to skip Boobday!

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