What I’ve managed (not) to do 

So here we are at the last day of May. My two months of writing was mildly successful. I do think I saw far more hits on my site than usual. Odd, but whatever.  I’ve managed to stick to my vow of celibacy/no dating. Some of that was not by choice, but I guess when I make a vow God holds me to it. 

I will post the remainder of Hunter in June. Whether it’s received well or not doesn’t matter. Can’t be a quitter, can I? And since I’m always bound to my promises and vows, I’ll finish the untitled piece at some point next month, also. 

So some measurable goals for myself for June? 

  • 5 new pieces of flash/short fiction 
  • Post the rest of Hunter 
  • Bring untitled to some kinda of conclusion. Satisfying for me, at least 
  • Find a new blogger to spotlight(?)

That last ones iffy. I’m doing good to read the folks I like. If you do have a person you read regularly, let me know. I’m always up to read new people. 

Here’s your post-holiday nude. 

Fresh out of the shower


  1. You’ll hear no complaints on your beautiful photo-posts in these comments I’d wager – that said, this past month was probably more than mildly successful because you posted quite a bit and I found many an enjoyable read here.
    Be it story or photo, your blog is always a pleasant highlight for me whenever a new update pops up in my newsfeed.
    Keep being you.

  2. I am sure what ever route Hunter takes it will be amazing, the unpredictable can prove to be better than the expect path frequently, unless you suddenly introduce zombies that night be a step too far lol

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