Hidden from view

Two posts today! 

My abstinence streak continues. I’ve not been out with anyone including on a friendly basis since November. Correction, I went out for eggs Benedict with a female coworker after work a few weeks ago. That’s literally all. 

I’ve been feeling incredibly antisocial because of it. To the point when a fellow blogger asked to meet, I considered saying no. Not because I anticipated anything happening. The most exciting thing I expect to happen today is having a beer and then heading to the store after for groceries. This is my life currently. 

Anyway, I figured I should make myself nice underneath if for no other reason than I’ve been feeling like an unattractive slob. 

So in with the thong 

You get all dat ass and I get a beer. 

Win-win, eh? 


  1. It is indeed a win-win, but if I may say, those of us seeing what you so graciously shared here are the big winners. 🙂
    Hope you feel better soon!

      1. Before I forget, do let me know if you decide to take a shot at continuing that short story I posted and exploring the more… intimate follow-up to where I left it hanging.
        I’d be most curious to see how that reads! 😀

      2. It should be – but in case of no response, leave a comment on any recent post since my blog needs comments approved so I’ll see it and remove as needed if you leave something not intended to be a comment-per-se 😀

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