What the mind wants to write 

I take a breath and feel the ropes tighten around my chest. The slide of them along my ribs, across my arms, around my waist, over my legs feel like a caress. 

The blindfold blocks all light, but I feel you so close. The heat of you sinks into my bare skin. 

I hear you shift and tilt my face up so my neck is bared to you. 

You pluck at one furled nipple, drawing a gasp from me, before sliding a hand around my throat. Calloused fingers stroke my rapid pulse sending shivers of sensations through me. 

“My girl, tied up tight, open to receive.” Your hand tightens and I melt into the silk sheets beneath me. “Ready to take whatever I give you.” 

My mind begs please, my body vibrates its need, but I am silent. I am waiting for you to use me. 

Because I am all yours in this moment 


I like it when you talk to me

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