1. Holy fucking hell and damn holy shit I need to find a cold shower quick. *10 minutes later* Awww come on… *5 minute cold shower later* oki oki get a grip dude, just write … don’t look at the photo… maybe just one look………. Aaaaaa *cold shower time* blindfold should do go good.. 😊 anyhoo wow. Yes that’s it.. wow.. … maybe another glimpse.. oh damn.. cold shower again…

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  3. That little peek over the top and just the whole pose if really stunning. Thank you.

    Also, where are requests to be left if I may ask? 🙂

      1. (Pardon the gap in reply, my notifications weren’t working and I didn’t see your response till today when i got it working again.)
        Your interpretation of this would be, I imagine, quite enticing:

        But for less clothed/teasing images, there’s these:


        Just thoughts, whatever you choose to do, I will continue to be a follower of you and this blog.

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