Fast flash. Unedited 

She woke to the feeling of shallow thrusts between her thighs. His arm was a band beneath her breasts, holding her tight as he moved inside her. 

Her sleepy moan made him chuckle and thrust just a little harder. She tossed her leg over his, opening her body wider to him. 

“Good morning,” she whispered into the darkness. 

Teasing fingers tweaked her nipple, pulling and pinching until she was squirming back on his cock with each of his thrusts. 

“Fuck.” Her back arched, clit twitching as he pinched hard. 

He sank his teeth in her shoulder and pushed to her stomach without separating their bodies. He spread her thighs wider with his knees and pressed deeper, causing her to gasp and writhe beneath him. 

“More,” she panted. “Please, harder!”

With a hand between her shoulder blades, he rose above her and gave her exactly what she needed. 


  1. Oh my…its never happened to me quite like that. I mean I’ve woke up to a delightful pressure up against my bottom, or an eager hand over the top of my night shirt, but Ive never woke up…umm..in transit.

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