Inspired by this song. An unedited shortie 

She shoved me hard against the wall, her hand planted like a bar in the center of my chest. 

“You stupid bitch.” The sneer she sported marred her otherwise beautiful face. 

“Look, Cari, I don’t know–” 

Her other hand reached up like lightning to strike my face. My cheek stung like fire and shock moved through me. She grabbed my braid and jerked my head back. 

She was slightly taller, giving her all the advantage as she stared down at me. 

“Don’t say a word. I’m doing all the talking now.”

I kept my expression neutral by sheer force of will. The look in her eye was bringing forth some powerful emotions and I didn’t want the situation to escalate. 

The way she held me kept me from glancing around from help. She’d cornered me in the empty locker room before practice and it was deserted. I was on my own. 

“Cari, I’m sorry for whatever I’ve done, but–”

She cut me off with another stinging slap. Her face came nearer to mine, so close I could feel her breath ghost over my lips. From one moment to the next, her expression morphed from fury to a leer that scared me more then her anger. My pulse beat so loud I heard it in my ears. 

“I thought I told you not to speak. I obviously need to put that mouth of yours to better use.” 

Using my hair as a lever, she pulled until I sank to the ground. The cold concrete dug into my knees bringing sparks of pain and a chill that stole through my body. 

I stared up at her, unable to keep my cool as I watched her shimmy out of her tight shorts. She stood before me nude from the waist down, her cunt bare and plump. 

She moved toward me, the motion sending my head against the wall to avoid what I knew was coming. She pulled me forward enough to hook her leg around my shoulder, bringing her body inches from my face. 

“You act like you’re too good for everyone, telling coach everything we do. I know your secret though. I’ve seen you staring when I change after practice so I know exactly what you like. Maybe if I shut you up the right way, you’ll quit tattling.”

I took a breath and inhaled the mouth-watering scent of her cunt. I swallowed my moan, trying not to let on. 


She parted her lower lips, canting her hips toward me. I couldn’t look away. Not from her slender fingers, not from her puffy pink center, not from her clit standing slick and erect. 

Unable to stop, I leaned in and licked. She tasted so good. I let her pull me in, my face buried deep. My lips found her clit and sucked until she bucked against me. 

 “You may be a big mouth bitch,” she gasped out as I thrust my tongue deep in her cunt. She shuddered before continuing, “but you give head better than any guy I’ve ever been with.”

I just keep slurping. She has not idea what my mouth is capable of. 



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