1. I’ve been having a bit of a writers block recently too – though seeing this inspires some energy and that first picture (in which you look gorgeous by the way) makes my eyes pop almost literally.
    Whatever you’re doing in terms of keeping in shape, it’s working. And though your writing is something I enjoy visiting your blog for, lovely shots like this are like a bonus to keep coming back… which I would anyway. 😀

    1. I’m a little blocked also, but it may be because I don’t have time to write either. I’m hoping some down time over the next few days will help facilitate that activity.

      I hope you were able to replace your eyeballs with ease. Hehe

      1. I imagine writing and other creative pursuits to be like a mountain-scape, peaks and valleys. I’m working to get back up to a peak 🙂 Hope you get back on yours.
        Also yes, my eyeballs survived the experience, I think I had myself a bit of a Wolf & Red moment there and they just slammed themselves back into place.

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