The gift of spring

“Ma’am, you have mail. If you’ll just sign here, please.”

She slids the package across the desk to me and I eye it with curiosity. I rarely get presents unless I buy them myself so I wonder who thought of me.


I have enough sense to utter that before I move away, but my curiosity has me more distracted than is probably polite.

In the safety of my room, I consider the gift. Victoria’s Secret is embazzled on the label and it’s direct from the store. Perhaps my mother sent me something nice.

I open it.

Definitely not something my mother would buy, but something I like.

I try it on.

Oh, spring has sprung with this pretty little present.

I scan my brain and the answer pops up. I snap a photo of thanks for the lovely present and send it along.

Nice presents always deserve a proper thank you. Always.

For the record, I knew I was getting this. I’m just a lazy poster. Thank you to my friend for the lovely prezzie. 😘


I like it when you talk to me

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