Thrill Seekers

Another book from Mischief up for review.


Thrill Seekers : Erotic Encounters is another compilation of erotic shorts by a variety of authors.

It’s ten short stories about daring situations, intense encounters, and pushing limits. Something to tickle your naughty bits and leave you desperate for relief. There was a story for every type contained within, but there were two that stuck out the most for me. Cerise is doing research in the park on clandestine meetings between men, and in doing her research finds she can fulfill her secret fantasy of being with a gay man. Another was about a girl who enjoys sex in the park, also anonymous. She ends up making a connection with a former classmate that leaves her more satisfied than the rushes she’s felt in the past.

Apparently, I really like sex in the park.

There are so many other stories that will scratch that afternoon (or evening) itch. Go have a peek and get a thrill.

4 stars out of 5

Amazon US
Amazon UK

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