See You In Tee

“I love your cunt. Your juicy, swollen cunt swallowing me up.” He thrust deep and she arched up for more of him. “I’m gonna fill you with cum, bend you over, and watch it drip from you.”

His lips pressed into her ear, breathing humid air on her skin. Her walls quivered around him as he whispered dirty things about her sloppy cunt sucking at him. She moaned low, her legs high on his shoulders as he pushed rhythmically into her.

“Mm, just watching my cock slide in deep, watching the way you open up…” He pushed up on his elbows to do just that and she looked, too.

It was almost obscene. The wet noises her body made as he parted her pussy, stretching her with the force of his powerful ingress, her pussy clinging desperately on his rapid egress. She lived in that space between her thighs; her cunt. She was just as swollen, just as needy, just as desperate to hold him as deep as that pink flesh.

Hearing him groan, feeling the rumble of his passion as it arced into her wound her tight.

He picked up his pace until he was pounding into her, the slap slap of their coupling loud in the room. “That’s right. I feel that cunt begging, I feel it.”

That word, so nasty and dirty, dropped into her mind and set her ablaze. Her breath disappeared as her body clamped hard around him. She rippled and pulsed, her mind gone as she convulsed. He claimed her, marked her, made her dirty with that word.

Her cunt; her open, parted, full, satisfied cunt. She loved it only when it spilled from his lips.

He bathed her insides with warm spurts of cum. His low groan vibrating along her spine as he coated her. She received each one, her body squeezing him for each drop until she was full of his essence.

“Let me see,” he whispered before he pulled out of her and rolled to his side.

She positioned her body facing away from him, her legs splayed wide. She felt lewd in this, and that nasty girl in her made her spread her cheeks wide for him. The liquid feel of their combined juices slipping down the inside of her thighs made her quiver.

“Juicy and wet, so delicious.” He trailed a finger from her clit to her rosebud, wetting it with spunk. “I want to be inside you all over again. Better still, I want to put my tongue inside that messy cunt. Would you like that?”

She gasped as he pushed his slicked finger into her asshole. “Yes!”

He pushed her forward. She felt his breath on her thigh, the rasp of his tongue and the slow pump in her ass thrilled her. “That’s my dirty girl.”


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