She stretched up from her place on the bed, the sunlight warming her naked skin as she shook off the sluggishness of sleep. 

“Daddy?” She whispered into the empty space. 

His spot was cold so he’d been up for a while. Or she’d been a sleepyhead and he’d let her be lazy today. Lazy girl. 

She wanted to play now that she was awake, and lay back with a cheeky smile. Now she was a naughty girl, too. 

The room was warm and she could still smell the lingering scent of his cologne. She touched her lips then ran her fingertips down her chest to tease a nipple into an erect nub. A hard pinch had her back arching as electricity zinged right to her little clit. 

She followed that ley-line, tracing down her stomach straight to that spot that ached. The first swirl made her hips thrust. She whispered for her Daddy as she circled it slowly, speeding up when she couldn’t be slow any longer. Parting her labia, she rubbed up and down until her fingers were coated with honey. She wanted her Daddy’s cock, but she’d settle for two pumping fingers. 

Two fingers thrusting, she rubbed her clit with other hand, working her hips as the orgasm built. It felt like it started in her belly, more of the electric charge that was ready to spark at any second. 

She was right there, so close to coming she whined with the need. Her hips gyrated harder as she reached for it. 

“Oh, please! Daddy…”

“‘Please’, what, kitten?”

His voice was hard, breaking through the haze gripping her. Her rhythm stuttered and she gasped as she met his eyes. He was dressed in jeans and a button down, arms crossed over his chest as he stared intently at her hands buried in her cunt. There was hunger in his eyes and a touch of disappointment. 

“Daddy.” She licked her lips as she removed her hands from between her thighs. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

He raised an eyebrow, watching as she licked her sticky fingers. “Not sorry enough. What is our rule, kitten?” 

“I have to ask to play.” She looked away, her face burning. While her coloring hid it, there was no getting away from her slip. She was a bad girl and she knew it. It was hard not to fidget as guilt swept over her. 

“And?” His voice registered closer and she looked to find him standing at the side of the bed. 

“And ask Daddy to come.” 

He stared down at her, his eyes tracking over her nude body, seeming to contemplate things. She wanted to wiggle and preen for him, but didn’t want to get herself in more trouble. It didn’t help at all the way his cock pressed against the zipper of his jeans, tempting her to more badness. 

“Would you like to come, kitten?”

Her eyes snapped to his. There was something hidden in those words she was missing, but if he was offering… 

“Yes, Daddy.”

His smile made her worry. What was he planning? 

The room smelled like her sex. It was hard to be displeased with her when she looked so pretty, but his little kitty needed to remember why he was in charge. 

He settled himself in the bed beside her. He looked over at where she lay, her brown skin glistening with sweat from her unauthorized play. She peeked back at him with slightly unfocused eyes, suspicion covering her face. He wanted to tease her body, touch her wet cunt and tease her tight nipples, but that would only encourage her. 

“Go get your tail, bad kitty.”

She eyed him before rising from the bed to retrieve her tail as instructed.

When she bent to pull open the drawer, her cunt was plump between her thighs and her ass on display. He found himself growling. 

“Hurry, naughty girl, or you don’t get to come.” 

She was quick after that, scurrying back to bed with little of the teasing. He patted his lap and she climbed up to lay across so her lovely bottom was tipped up. 

He anchored her to him with one arm before caressing her slowly. Her skin seemed to shiver as he touched her, her hips arching up as he trailed fingers over the curve. 

Their differences never failed to captivate him each time she submitted to him. It’s the contrast between the two of them that was bewitching. The color of her skin as she lay so willingly across his lap. Skin that was so very different from his own. Skin that would not blush as he struck it, yet it would still feel each impact the same as any other flesh.

He waited until she was moaning with each caress, begging with her body for him to take her. Then he began. 

Where he usually would warm her up, he spanked with quick measured strikes that made her wiggle and cry out. He worked that steady pace, listening as her breathing grew labored and her hands threatened to reach back to protect her bottom. She knew better then that though and he smiled when she clung to his arm at her waist and the edge of the bed in turn. 

After an impressive amount of time, when her tears had started to flow and her bottom was a hot mess, he paused. She collapsed on his lap, her sniffles loud in the room. He didn’t even register the throb in his palm, his mind wholly focused on her wet little cunt. 

“Present, kitten.” 

She moved slow, climbing from his lap with sniffles and gasps. After a few moments she was facedown in the bed, her hot bottom raised in the air. Tentatively, as though she was scared to touch herself, she spread her bottom apart so her asshole appeared. 

“Good girl.” 

He rose from the bed to step behind her. Wetness covered her cunt, coating her inner thighs. He took the bulb of the tail, rubbing the plug along her lips and dipping it deep inside her until it was sopping wet. 

When he pressed it against her hole, her groan made him hum with pleasure. 

“That’s it, kitten. Take it like a good girl.”

Her body opened, swallowing the plug until it was seated in her body. Her black and white tail looked pretty against her skin. 

“Thank you, Daddy.” 

The way she whispered her thanks broke him. He pulled her back towards him, unfastening his jeans with his other hand. She reached back to hold her tail up for him, and he murmured his praise as he slid into her wetness. 

The heat of her bottom warmed his skin the same way her cunt warmed his cock. He wanted to push her into the bed and fuck her hard. 

“Oh gosh, Daddy,” she moaned out as he buried himself deep again. “I feel so full.” 

He gripped her hair to pull her up, thrusting hard into her. It wasn’t long until she was begging for him.

“Please, Daddy. Please.”

Her cunt gripped him, sucked him in, called for him to spill. He yanked hard at her hair to remind her. 

“Please, what?” He hissed into her ear. 

“Please, Daddy. Please, may I come, Daddy?”

Her hand gripped the sheets, pulling them as he fucked her hard. She was a very good girl and kept his tail high for him. She’d earned her orgasm and he his. 

“You may come, kitten.” He dug his fingers into her sore bottom as she exploded around him. 

“Oh, Daddy. Thank you.” 

Listening to her cry out. For. Him. Her cunt clenching around him, pulled him over the edge. He growled as he emptied himself into her body. 

“That’s my good kitten.” He murmured. “That’s my good girl.” 


on all fours I crawl
my hips swaying as I come near
eager with my head high
approaching to display what’s yours
brushing your leg, begging for a caress
arching as your hands knead my body
resting quietly at your feet
ready to serve or sit waiting for you
Your pretty kitty. Yours

“Don’t be gentle”

The low lights, the gentle caresses, the soft kisses. She should’ve felt like a princess with her prince. Instead she was frustrated and bored. 

“What’s the matter?” 

His abrupt question pulled her out of the figures she was running in her head. Embarrassment sent heat to her face as she glanced down between her thighs at him. His blue eyes gazed back at her steadily. 

This lover was attentive, patient, gentle. Those were qualities to attract any woman and usually she’d love those things, but right now gentle wasn’t getting the job done. 

She fumbled for a response that wouldn’t seem callous. “Uh, just distracted.” 

He shifted up the bed, settling between her thighs so they were eye to eye. The serious look on his face made her nervous, but she was distracted again. This time by his body. His cock was hard and felt amazing just resting on her cunt. The contact alone inspired thoughts of  him holding her down, his cock bumping hard against her cervix, until she cried out. 


Her eyes widened at the slip while his narrowed on her expression. The careful way he inspected her made her feel vulnerable like he saw everything. Even as her face burned hotter, her treacherous hips rocked up into him. 

“Tell me what you’re thinking about.” 

There was a command in his words that was anything but gentle. She found the words spilling out on their own. 

“I want you to fuck me. Not make love to me; fuck me. Until I’m begging for more. Until I’m not sure if I want you to stop or keep going. Fuck me like you hate me.”

She threw an arm over her eyes, unable to hold his gaze any longer even as she continued rocking her hips. 

“Is that what you want?” His voice was whisper soft, but she heard that thread of steel underlying them. 


Her half moaned need was cut short by the hand that pressed at her throat. He grabbed her arm and pressed it to the pillow above her head, so she was forced to meet his eyes again. His face had changed to something hard that made her body clench. 

“Oh, you have no idea what I could do to you, little girl.” 

He pressed her thighs open so wide she whined at the stretch. His hand at her throat never let up as he drove his cock so deep she arched at the mingled pain and pleasure. It thrummed through her like a sharp knife that made her body tremble with arousal. 

“I’ll make sure you beg.” He whispered those words hot and heavy in her ear as he fucked her the way she needed. 

Yes, Sir

I heard his footsteps on the carpet. Nothing loud or noticeable, but anticipation had sharpened my senses so even his light tread made my ears perk up.

My eyes remained shut as he requested, no blindfold just his command to obey. Just his promise of pleasure if I’ve been a good girl.

Resisting the urge to squirm was difficult, but my body reacted in other ways to his approach. The air sensitized my body, sending goosebumps along my skin. My nipples furled tight as though reaching for him. As my heart beat wild in my chest, I captured my lower lip in my teeth to keep from whimpering for him.

“Here’s my pretty pet.”

His voice, a low timber that tickled along my spine, made me tremble. He was near and I longed for him to touch me.

I could feel his warmth heating my skin. My body, bare and eager, ready for him.

Fingertips brush along my shoulder and I do whimper. He’ll tease until I beg or break, and I swallowed back more whimpers as he continued to draw calloused fingers over my body.

“Open your eyes. Were you a good girl today?”

I take him in. He’s dressed casually, comfortable in his jeans and work shirt. He appeared unassuming, but I know who he is beneath the laid back appearance. I know what he’s capable of doing to my body.

I took a breath to steady myself before I speak. Even then my reply is more breathless than I thought possible.

“Yes, sir. I was good for you.”

He hummed low before his hand slipped between my thighs from behind, palming my cunt. I parted my thighs, but barely resisted the urge to rub against that resting hand.

“And what do good girls get?”

He cirlced around to my front without releasing me so we were chest to chest. I drew in a deep breath, taking in the warm scent of him. I’m not sure where he’s been, but he smells of trees and sunshine and I want to lean into him.

“Good girls get spankings.”

“After they kneel pretty for their Sir.”

When he released me with a pinch at my clit, I just contain my gasp. I slipped to my knees with only a slight wobble, placing my hands palm up on my thighs when I’ve settled on my heels.

“Good girl.”

His praise excited me and made me smile. Even after hearing it so often, I still felt that spike of arousal when he told me I’m good.

“Now down.”

I wend to my forearms, lowering my head to the ground and my ass in the air. I spread my thighs wide, hiding nothing.

“How many?”

My ass wiggled at that question, my clit throbbed at the promise of pain.  He palmed my cunt again and I went still.

“As many as you think I need, sir.”

He only laughs. “You may regret that answer, pet.”

The feel of soft leather teased my back. I don’t tell him I won’t regret it at all. He knew my limits and he’d take me right to the edge.

I couldn’t be silent when the flogger fell. It’s my release and I must let it fall from my lips.

I lifted ass higher, I rocked back into each blow, and I thank him.

“Thank you, sir.”


“Come this way.”

The woman moved past him and he hesitated a moment before following after her. His mind was torn between uncertainty and arousal with each step he took after her, the red laces trailing down the back of her corset a bright light in the dimness of the hallway.

Her hips swayed and her hills clicked on the tiled floor, each stoking his conflicting emotions until he felt breathless and a little dizzy. The longer they walked the more he considered bolting, ending things before they could begin.

Before he could act on the thought, she stopped in front of a red, padded door. She gave a quick twist and pushed inward, disappearing inside without a word.

The room was stark white, bare expect for a bed. One wall had a variety of implements he couldn’t even begin to identify, but sent his heart racing so fast he feared it would beat out of his chest.

He was left on the threshold, teetering on the brink.

“If you leave, you’ll wonder for the rest of your life if this is everything you’ve dreamed about.”

She stood facing him now, a smile on her pink lips. Her slender fingers traced along a black flogger, stroking the strands in a way he could feel on his skin. The corset was lower now, revealing more of her breasts as they spilled over the top. She was sexy, elegant, and alluring. Strength and power radiated from her as she waited for him to decide.

“Don’t you want to know?”

One brow lifted, her face patient and challenging in kind.

He wanted to know desperately. His body throbbed with the need to understand what he dreamed about, wrote about, masturbated to every single night. The need had become tangible in the last few months, permeating every thought he had until he’d found himself researching places to play out the fantasy.

It wasn’t as though he entered into this blind. Why did he hesitate now?

The beauty before him continued to wait for him, that smile on her face and certainty in her eyes as though she knew which way he’d go.

He stepped over the threshold into the room, a racing heart and total need driving him.

Her smile was smug for one brief moment before all friendliness disappeared. She approached him like a lion stalking prey and he stood frozen. When she was within inches of him, her honeyed scent swirling around him, she touched a fingertip to his chin. The glint was back in her eyes and his cock hardened from the control he saw in those depths.

“In this room, you belong to me. I take care of and discipline those that belong to me. Now strip.”

A switch flipped in his mind and from those words alone he found himself in a different mindset. With each piece of clothing he removed, under the gaze of his mistress, he became something more. He became the thing of his fantasies.

Her pet.


“I can get you over here.” 

He stepped around the lady in front of him to the second register and stopped short. This guy was cute. The thought startled William enough that it took a moment for him to remember his order. 

“How ya doing today?” Pretty blue eyes smiled at him. 

They were the same height so it was easy to be snared in his gaze, easier still to imagine leaning closer and watching those long lashes sweep down to hide pupils blown wide with desire. William stared over the register at the blue eyes barista a little thrown to be so attracted to the man. 

“Better now.” He came back after a beat. 

The man simply chuckled before replying with, “What can I get you?” 
The man was poised in readiness to give him whatever he wanted. Expectation hovered in the air between them. Whatever William wanted was quickly morphing into naughty things that made his face suffuse with heat. 

He gathered himself enough to glance down and to the right, catching sight of the man’s name stitched on his apron. 

“Just a grande, medium roast with two shots of caramel, Billy.”

The other man’s cheeks flushed a light pink at his name. From the way Williams lips stretched across his face, he knew his smile was far toothier than any smile he’d ever flashed. He was struggling to keep his thoughts from going down the rabbit trail, an impossibility when Billy turned around to retrieve his coffee. 

Even though William’s tastes ran toward women across the board, he found he couldn’t look away from the way Billy’s ass filled out the absurd skinny jeans he wore. The man was thin, thinner then he liked on any person. Billy was the definition of a hipster with his flannel and gray beanie, a combination he couldn’t stand. That slight distaste for his tendencies did nothing to stop his need to touch the other man. To bend Billy over the counter in his apartment and fuck that pert little ass the man was wiggling as he worked. 

Billy turned back with the full cup and a smile that reached his bright eyes. 

“Can I get you anything else, sir?” Billy’s voice seemed to have deepened and slid along William’s spine and made his belly clench. 

“Not right this moment, Billy.” 

But later…

It was an easy decision to grab a table and slowly sip his coffee. Watching the easy way Billy moved behind the counter made him harder than he’d been in a while. Utterly distracting.

A woman with long blonde hair sat one table over with her latte. She was definitely his type with the bronze expanse of her clevage visible to him and her long legs encased in black leggings. He should’ve been easily drawn, but he couldn’t take his eyes off Billy. 

William finished his cup and reluctantly made a move to leave. It was embarrassing how long he’d let himself linger when he had a list of things he needed to do at the office. Sometimes his cock ran away with his brain before the rest of him could catch up. Now all parts of him were reengaged and he needed to get going. 

Out the door in the crisp air, some of his lust cleared. William shrugged off his distraction as he unlocked his car. 

“Excuse me, sir.” A soft voice stopped him in his tracks. 

He turned to find Billy a step behind him on the sidewalk. This close, he could smell hazelnut wafting from the other man’s skin. It made his mouth water and his pulse quicken. 

“You left your phone on the table.” 

Billy stepped into his personal space so he could feel the other man’s heat. They’re eyes were locked and he watched those long lashes he’d admired earlier sweep down to fan across his cheeks. When Billy opened his eyes again his pupils had nearly consumed all the blue of his iris. 

“Thank you.” William could do nothing except stammer, too caught up to be his usual cool self. 

He expected Billy to place the phone in his palm. Instead a strong hand pressed against his belt before the phone was tucked in his front pocket. 

Billy left him standing there on the sidewalk with a dazed head and a semi from the glancing touch. It was too many moments before he was able to make it the short distance to his car. 

He slid in, pulling his phone back out when dug into his hip. When a slip of paper fluttered to the floor, he scrambled to grab it before it disappeared in the mess of his car. 

Opening it slowly, he exhaled a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding. A phone number and a capital B were scrawled across the paper in small, blocky writing. He felt the smile spread across his face as he tucked it back in his pocket. It would be interesting to see where this led.