“Go on.” 

Kate looked over to where the Sara was laid out on the bed. Her red hair was fanned over the white sheets, her freckles dotting her skin in the most alluring way. Sara smiled at her and opened her legs so the lips of her pussy parted. 

“Sir…” Kate said on a stuttered breath. 

David smacked her bottom hard enough that she squeaked. She took a step forward, hungry and horny just looking at Sara spread open. 

“Katie girl, you’ve been wanting this forever.” 

She danced on her tiptoes, moving between longing and uncertainty. Sara placed a hand right on her mound, her finger grazing her clit. Kate’s throat went from dry to overflowing with saliva from the need to just taste

“Oh,” Kate whispered. 

David squeezed her bottom where he’d spanked her. “I know what you need, girl. Let me help you.”

His hand found her back, resting between her shoulders before moving up to grip the nape of her neck. Kate relaxed under the weight of her hand, the uncertainty following away with each exhale. 

She felt his breath on her shoulder as he leaned close. “You need to taste her pussy, don’t you, Katie girl?” 

Her cunt fired at those words. “Yes, sir.” 

“You want to bury your face right where she’s touching, suck her clit, and hear her moan, don’t you?” 

“Yes, sir. Please.” She trembled now, wanting to be there as Sara circled her erect clit. 

He leaned in closer, his lips brushing her ear as he tightened his hold on her neck just a little. 

“You want her to come by your mouth. You want her scent all over your face, don’t you, Katie girl?” 

Kate’s hips jerked, her cunt throbbing at the thought of Sara coming because of her. 

“Yes, sir. Yes,” she hissed out, her feet moving forward without thoughts. “Please.” 

“Then go. Be a good girl and get what you need.” 

The moment his hand dropped from her neck, she was moving forward. Kate crawled up the bed and lay between Sara’s open thighs. Close; so close she could smell her, see the wetness seeping from her body. 

Just when the uncertainty started to creep in, Sara reached for her, wrapping a hand in her hair. 

“Please, Kate. I want you so bad.” 

Kate moaned and then leaned forward to lick her from top to bottom, tasting Sara. The next moan was longer, needy. 

“How does she taste, Katie?” 

He was close to her, his heat warming her body. She only moaned again, barely registering his presence before she leaned back to lick. Kate nibbled at Sara’s clit, licked and sucked at her lips, plunged her tongue deep inside her to gather all the wetness that spilled out. 

“More,” Sara pulled at Kate’s hair, squirming beneath her. 

Kate felt David behind her, parting her thighs and moving between. She buried her face in Sara’s pussy, sucking harder at her, needing to make her come. 

Sara started to shake under her. The way she rocked her hips harder drove Kate on. 

“Oh, Jesus,” Sara cried out above her. “I’m gonna… I’m gonna come.”

Her thighs tightened around Kate’s head, trapping her there as she came with a loud cry. The gush of her climax coated Kate’s face, and she drank it down as it flowed. 

“That’s a good girl, Katie.” 

David murmured those words as he nudged her thighs wider and pushed into Kate. She came around his cock the moment he seated himself deep, and she quivered even as she licked up every drop of Sara’s juices. 

Kate laid her head on Sara’s thigh, enjoying the slow thrusts of her sir and the musky sweet smell of Sara on her face. 




She stretched up from her place on the bed, the sunlight warming her naked skin as she shook off the sluggishness of sleep. 

“Daddy?” She whispered into the empty space. 

His spot was cold so he’d been up for a while. Or she’d been a sleepyhead and he’d let her be lazy today. Lazy girl. 

She wanted to play now that she was awake, and lay back with a cheeky smile. Now she was a naughty girl, too. 

The room was warm and she could still smell the lingering scent of his cologne. She touched her lips then ran her fingertips down her chest to tease a nipple into an erect nub. A hard pinch had her back arching as electricity zinged right to her little clit. 

She followed that ley-line, tracing down her stomach straight to that spot that ached. The first swirl made her hips thrust. She whispered for her Daddy as she circled it slowly, speeding up when she couldn’t be slow any longer. Parting her labia, she rubbed up and down until her fingers were coated with honey. She wanted her Daddy’s cock, but she’d settle for two pumping fingers. 

Two fingers thrusting, she rubbed her clit with other hand, working her hips as the orgasm built. It felt like it started in her belly, more of the electric charge that was ready to spark at any second. 

She was right there, so close to coming she whined with the need. Her hips gyrated harder as she reached for it. 

“Oh, please! Daddy…”

“‘Please’, what, kitten?”

His voice was hard, breaking through the haze gripping her. Her rhythm stuttered and she gasped as she met his eyes. He was dressed in jeans and a button down, arms crossed over his chest as he stared intently at her hands buried in her cunt. There was hunger in his eyes and a touch of disappointment. 

“Daddy.” She licked her lips as she removed her hands from between her thighs. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

He raised an eyebrow, watching as she licked her sticky fingers. “Not sorry enough. What is our rule, kitten?” 

“I have to ask to play.” She looked away, her face burning. While her coloring hid it, there was no getting away from her slip. She was a bad girl and she knew it. It was hard not to fidget as guilt swept over her. 

“And?” His voice registered closer and she looked to find him standing at the side of the bed. 

“And ask Daddy to come.” 

He stared down at her, his eyes tracking over her nude body, seeming to contemplate things. She wanted to wiggle and preen for him, but didn’t want to get herself in more trouble. It didn’t help at all the way his cock pressed against the zipper of his jeans, tempting her to more badness. 

“Would you like to come, kitten?”

Her eyes snapped to his. There was something hidden in those words she was missing, but if he was offering… 

“Yes, Daddy.”

His smile made her worry. What was he planning? 

The room smelled like her sex. It was hard to be displeased with her when she looked so pretty, but his little kitty needed to remember why he was in charge. 

He settled himself in the bed beside her. He looked over at where she lay, her brown skin glistening with sweat from her unauthorized play. She peeked back at him with slightly unfocused eyes, suspicion covering her face. He wanted to tease her body, touch her wet cunt and tease her tight nipples, but that would only encourage her. 

“Go get your tail, bad kitty.”

She eyed him before rising from the bed to retrieve her tail as instructed.

When she bent to pull open the drawer, her cunt was plump between her thighs and her ass on display. He found himself growling. 

“Hurry, naughty girl, or you don’t get to come.” 

She was quick after that, scurrying back to bed with little of the teasing. He patted his lap and she climbed up to lay across so her lovely bottom was tipped up. 

He anchored her to him with one arm before caressing her slowly. Her skin seemed to shiver as he touched her, her hips arching up as he trailed fingers over the curve. 

Their differences never failed to captivate him each time she submitted to him. It’s the contrast between the two of them that was bewitching. The color of her skin as she lay so willingly across his lap. Skin that was so very different from his own. Skin that would not blush as he struck it, yet it would still feel each impact the same as any other flesh.

He waited until she was moaning with each caress, begging with her body for him to take her. Then he began. 

Where he usually would warm her up, he spanked with quick measured strikes that made her wiggle and cry out. He worked that steady pace, listening as her breathing grew labored and her hands threatened to reach back to protect her bottom. She knew better then that though and he smiled when she clung to his arm at her waist and the edge of the bed in turn. 

After an impressive amount of time, when her tears had started to flow and her bottom was a hot mess, he paused. She collapsed on his lap, her sniffles loud in the room. He didn’t even register the throb in his palm, his mind wholly focused on her wet little cunt. 

“Present, kitten.” 

She moved slow, climbing from his lap with sniffles and gasps. After a few moments she was facedown in the bed, her hot bottom raised in the air. Tentatively, as though she was scared to touch herself, she spread her bottom apart so her asshole appeared. 

“Good girl.” 

He rose from the bed to step behind her. Wetness covered her cunt, coating her inner thighs. He took the bulb of the tail, rubbing the plug along her lips and dipping it deep inside her until it was sopping wet. 

When he pressed it against her hole, her groan made him hum with pleasure. 

“That’s it, kitten. Take it like a good girl.”

Her body opened, swallowing the plug until it was seated in her body. Her black and white tail looked pretty against her skin. 

“Thank you, Daddy.” 

The way she whispered her thanks broke him. He pulled her back towards him, unfastening his jeans with his other hand. She reached back to hold her tail up for him, and he murmured his praise as he slid into her wetness. 

The heat of her bottom warmed his skin the same way her cunt warmed his cock. He wanted to push her into the bed and fuck her hard. 

“Oh gosh, Daddy,” she moaned out as he buried himself deep again. “I feel so full.” 

He gripped her hair to pull her up, thrusting hard into her. It wasn’t long until she was begging for him.

“Please, Daddy. Please.”

Her cunt gripped him, sucked him in, called for him to spill. He yanked hard at her hair to remind her. 

“Please, what?” He hissed into her ear. 

“Please, Daddy. Please, may I come, Daddy?”

Her hand gripped the sheets, pulling them as he fucked her hard. She was a very good girl and kept his tail high for him. She’d earned her orgasm and he his. 

“You may come, kitten.” He dug his fingers into her sore bottom as she exploded around him. 

“Oh, Daddy. Thank you.” 

Listening to her cry out. For. Him. Her cunt clenching around him, pulled him over the edge. He growled as he emptied himself into her body. 

“That’s my good kitten.” He murmured. “That’s my good girl.” 

You’re it 

Unedited as per usual, but I wrote something! 

I  know how you like it. 

Your sigh, each and every one, as you’re pleasured. The pitch of your cry as you tumble into ecstasy. 

I’ve seen your back arch hard, your ass held high as you keen with each thrust. 

The blush that stains your cheeks, above and below. The welts that rise as you gasp and clench your teeth, your face a picture of tortured pleasure. 

I can give you that. 

I will give you that. 

You sleep, so serene. I watch you breathe, the way your lips part on a sigh have me imagining them stretched around my cock. You turn to your side, pushing the covers away so your bare thigh flicks into view. 

I slip inside in the same way I plan to slip inside you. Slow, easy, and with the very smile I wear at this moment. 

You must sense me, feel the heat of my body as I move closer to your bed. I wait for that moment your body and mind almost connect…

Your gasp as I grasp the hair at the nape of your neck rises a growl in me that I don’t suppress. 

“Help,” you breathe out before drawing in a lungful of air to scream, “help, someone help me.” 

I push your face deep in the pillow, using the force to roll you to your stomach. You flail so pretty as I climb up to straddle you. 

Bare thighs and pretty cotton panties. Those panties disappear under the sharp blade of my knife. I smooth my free hand along beautiful skin I’ve only spied. Your thrashing increases threatening to buck me off. I simply smirk and punish that ass like every other man you’ve let touch you. 

You still beneath me, your cries muted by fabric. I lean over your back, letting my exhale tickle your ear as I settle over you. 


Your fight begins again just as I’d hoped. I delight in your thrashing, in your muffled cries, in your panic. Nothing can keep me from fucking you though. 

Will fright make you dry as I take what I want? Or will the fight make your cunt slick and ease my way into the heaven I long for? 

I can’t help my trembling or the tightening grip of my hand on your neck. It’s easy to undo my zipper and free myself, letting my cock lay like a pulsing beacon between your cheeks. I watch your back arch as you squirm, your shoulders bunching as you try again to push me off. Oh, sweet girl, soon I’ll be too firmly planted for you to ever unseat me. Mind… body… soul. 

Leaning over you again, I turn your head, wanting to hear you that cry the first time my cock takes your cunt. My lips tease your ear, inhaling you deep for just a moment as we both hover, knowing what comes next. 

“You’re it.” I whisper the words in your ear, letting my body find its way into yours. 

I don’t thrust in fast, wanting to feel every inch as I discover it. Your body resists, but I enjoy that drag. Your choked whimper is everything I hoped it would be the moment it leaves your mouth. 

Your hands fist in the sheets as I bottom out and our groans mingle in the air. The urge to move overwhelms my desire to stay buried forever so I heed it. I tighten my thighs around your hips and pull back so I can drive into the beautiful space your body creates for me once again. You wrap around me so perfectly that I slow so I don’t spill so soon. I move my hand around to grasp your throaty the way I know you like, my smile almost feral in the dim light. 

A moment this perfect deserves to be savored all night long, and many nights after.  


Unedited shortie

“This… I don’t think I can even go out of the house in this.”

It was black, tight, and far too short. Her breasts were barely contained and the hem just brushed mid thigh. She couldn’t really move and going anywhere other than the bedroom was out of the question. She glanced at herself in the mirror, nerves had her tugging at the bottom of the dress. 

“Do a nice slow turn.”

She lifted her eyes to meet his in the mirror. The way he looked at her, his hunger so apparent she felt it like a caress on her skin. 

Swallowing, she turned slowly for him. She wondered what he saw. Was it sway of her hips, the way her breasts pressed into the cups with each breath, or the flex of her thighs as she moved? Her pulse kicked up, a blush rushing to her cheeks. 

She faced the mirror again, her eyes rising to catch his. If anything, he looked like a predator. Every muscle bunched as though he meant to pounce on her. 

“I can’t go out dressed like this.” 

Her voice came out low and breathy as desire rose fast in the pit of her stomach. 

“Who said we were going anywhere?”

She blinked in surprise. “But the party…”

“Bend over, hands on the mirror.” 

His words were a growl that made her clit pulse. Her breath rushed out in pants as she obeyed. Bending forward, she knew what he’d see. Her bare bottom and her parted pink labia. She couldn’t help closing her eyes 

“Arch your back.” 

His voice registered close behind her and she ached for him. She let her back arch, spreading her legs so he could look his full. The very air seemed to change, becoming a caress. 

“Good girl.”

She shivered, her skin prickling with so much awareness. She couldn’t help her moan when he placed a hand on the small of her back. 

“We’re going to stay right here until I’m sure you understand how good you are.” 

His fingers trailed down to brush along her parted lower lips. 

“Yes, sir.” 

Untitled 4

I found this in my drafts. Click here to start from the beginning. 

Mm, she felt so good in his arms again. She’d been stiff initially from surprise, but there was no ignoring the way her gentle curves melted into his frame. He felt her take a deep breath and placed a restraining hand over her mouth before she could scream. Not that he worried anyone would come to her aid, but the only screaming he wanted from her were screams of pleasure.

He rubbed his nose along her neck, breathing in her smell. She smelled delicious. Cinnamon and honey, a lucious smell that clung to her and made him want to sink his teeth into her. Instead of suppressing the urge, he followed his instinct to mark her. Her squeal as his teeth scored her skin had his cock rising to impossible stiffness. 

“Did you miss me?” He kissed beneath her ear, enjoying the way she quivered. 

The hand at her mouth tightened as he let his other trail down her body. Her body seemed to awaken under his fingertips. Dark nipples furled as he tweaked them, her back arching as he tickled along her ribs, belly dipping as he swirled inside her navel, and lower… 

“What do we have here?” He sighed as he sank his fingers into her short, damp curls. The way her thighs parted, cunt lips plumped as he teased her until she vibrated in his arms. 

He paused, reminding himself why he was there in the first place. Time to collect what was his. 

She jerked when he grabbed her thigh to pull her open. Her leg drapped back over his hip, positioning her exactly where he needed. His mind cautioned slowness, but his cock was beyond waiting. He canted his hips, slicking his skin with her wetness. On the next slide, he fit the head to her opening and pushed in deep. 

“Oh God.”

He wasn’t sure which of them breathed the harsh words, but he felt it like a prayer in his bones. Her body enveloped his in a grip so tight it was like they were one person. It was exactly like he’d hoped and he knew something in that perfect moment. 

Buried in the body that sparked something bright, he knew he’d never tire of the feeling of her. He’d kill to have this forever. 

Midnight Quickie 

“Touch me.” 

Her hand gripped mine hard as she pulled me closer. The way her bare skin glistened in the lamplight made me hard in an instant. 

“Here.” Her face moved toward mine, catching my lips in a heated kiss. 

She guided me in, using my fingertips to tease her clit. It was wet and engorged, rolling as she moved my hand just how she wanted. She pressed my fingers down and I captured her gasp in my mouth. 

I let her use me, taking her pleasure from me. I couldn’t help sliding my cock along her hip, coating her skin with fluid the same way she coated my hand. 

“Oh God,” she moaned, arching up so my fingers slip down to push inside. 

She’s beautiful in her pleasure and I’ve  never wanted her more. 

A Servant’s Obedience

Haven’t worked on this since here. Smack my butt will ya. Let’s throw in the added goodness of Masturbation Monday while we’re at it. Go enjoy the others after and maybe I’ll manage to conclude this one someday. 

She couldn’t help fretting the entire day about her scheduled meeting with Mr Davensport. It distracted her at every moment, nearly causing her to ruin the laundry during her morning cleaning and destroy the garden when she attempted to help pick vegetables. The Head Gardner had shooed her back inside with a stormy look. She apologized over and over, but the stern man simply told her not to return until her head was on straight. 

Clara forced herself to clean around the house as she couldn’t ruin much doing that particular task. 

 The door to the office stood ajar and after a quick peek inside, Clara deemed it safe to clean. If this was the closest she could be to him until later, then she’d take it. 

His scent permeated the space. Her lungs breathed in his spiciness and she let herself relaxing into the chore. She opened the drapes and pushed up the windows to bring in a little air. Clara hummed softly as she cleared the dust from his shelves, admiring the decorative covers of his tomes. When she reached the front of his desk, she straightened his papers being careful not to upset his work. 

There was a stubborn scuff that she knew would come out with a little more elbow grease. She bent over the expanse to buff the surface. Her body swayed and shifted in an unconscious invitation as she worked. 

Clara was startled by hands on her hips and a body pressing her into the desk. She glanced over her shoulder to find Mr Davensport gazing down at her with heat in his eyes. 

“Are you trying to tempt me, Clara?” His voice was gruff, his hands squeezing her hips. 

While some small part of her said she should sit up and put distance between them, Clara couldn’t fight the urge to remain positioned as he’d trapped her. She dropped the rag and planted her hands on the desk. 

“No, Mr Davens–” His growl stopped her. “No, Travis. I’d never dream of doing such a thing.” 

She felt the evidence of his arousal through their clothes. The hardness pressed into the flesh of her bum and set her body on fire. 

“But tempt me you do, Clara girl. I’ve been distracted all day with how I would finally spank your bottom.”

 Her moan bubbled up. She felt hot and desperate to shed her clothing. “Why wait?” 

“Because,” he breathed but didn’t go on. She felt his breath on her neck.  

His hand dropped to pull the hem of her dress up. Slowly, inch by inch, the air touched her skin sending a wave of goosebumps along her skin. When he had the fabric bunched above her hips so the rough texture of his slacks abraded her skin, she shuddered at the contact. 

“Because I will have you after I spank you, Clara.” He reached around to cup her between her thighs. “I will have you just like this, bent over my bed with your ass heated from my hand so I can feel it as I take you.” 

“Oh God,” she moaned as his fingers played in the wetness he found there. 

“I want to wait. Wait until later when there’s no distractions, no responsibilities, nothing to do except feel you on my lap.” 

Even as he said those words, he plucked at her button until her hips gyrated back against him. He seemed larger against her bare bottom, hotter as she swayed and wiggled. 

“But I will feel you come on my fingers now, sweet girl. I will have your scent on my hand for the rest of the day.”

He leaned over her, pressing her down as he played between her legs. Clara lost all sense as the surety of his fingers rushed her headlong into an orgasm. 

“Mr… Travis! I’m going to, I’m going to.” She gasped as her tummy coiled too tight. 

He kissed along her neck, breathing softly in hair. “Come for me, my girl. Let me feel you.”

She came with a muffled shriek, her hips gyrating hard against him as pleasure washed over her. So good, it held her and stole her breath. All the while he held her tight to him, his fingers buried deep. 

When it passed, she relaxed into the desk, loving the weight of him on top of her. 

He released her slowly, as though reluctant to do so. Her dress fell back to her ankles but she couldn’t find the energy to rise yet. 

“Tonight.” He placed another kiss on her neck before he departed the room as quietly as he entered. 

Clara sighed and lifted herself from the desk. Her anticipation rose and with it came a thread of anxiety. If she wasn’t careful, more of her feelings would get involved here and she’d be in trouble. 

“Don’t lose your head, Clara girl.” 

Too bad such pep talks never worked. 

Just let me hold you 

Grant my last request and just let me hold you. Don’t shrug your shoulders. Lay down beside me. Sure, I can accept that we’re going nowhere, but one last time lets go there. Lay down beside me. 

Paolo Nutini – Last Request 

He could feel the emotional distance growing, see it in the way she stopped asking about his day and greeting him with a smile. Somehow what started as a love so utterly combustible had burnt out in a hurry. It stung in ways he couldn’t understand to realize the end of them was approaching. 

The swish of her stockings drew him from his melancholy thoughts. 

When she walked into the room, he dropped his book to his lap and watched her move around. It was the first time he’d really stared at her in a long time. She removed her jewelry, humming to herself softly. He watched her slip out of her dress, bending to retrieve it from the floor, giving him a peek of her tiny panties and her long legs encased in black hold ups. 

It affected him, aroused him to watch her move around so freely. With his arousal came the sadness. She didn’t acknowledge his presence, didn’t care to pay him any attention in that moment. Her lack of care as she peeled off her bra baring her breast seemed fuel his arousal even as it cut him deep. 

“Come to bed.” 

His request, no his command, seemed to startle her. She turned toward him, surprise written on her face. 

Her brow creased. “I will when I’m finished undressing.” 

“No, come now.” He sat his book on the night stand and rose from the bed. “Now.” 

The way her face changed, her eyes flaring with heat, sent that need to have her into a frenzy. One last time. 

He saw the moment she acquiesced. Her body softened in those ways he remembered well. He waited by the bed, confident she’d come to him. And she did, her feet soft on the carpet and her eyes trained on him as she approached. 

She was within touching distance when he pulled her to him. The way their mouths connected was so familiar. It was an old song he remembered loving so much. He ravaged her mouth, taking and taking, dominating her. When the need to breath overcame his need to taste her lips, he broke contact. He tweaked her nipple, loving the way her swollen lips parted on a gasp. 

“Bend over the bed.” 

She obeyed without a word, draping her body over the comforter with a sigh. 

He admired her there. The line of her back, the width of her hips, the curve of her beautiful ass. He committed her to memory like a photograph. 

Palming her butt, her savored the feel of her skin. He gave a squeeze that made her rear up. With a harsh laugh, he pushed her back down on the bed. When his hand slipped between her thighs, he smiled when he found her soaked. 

“You’ll always be my naughty girl.” 

He freed his cock, pushed the scrape of fabric to the side, and slid in deep on the first stroke. 

“Oh, God,” she moved, her body tight and wet around him. 

He held still, his eyes closed for a long moment to add this one more memory. Just the two of them, remembering how things used to be. 

Untitled: Light

This feels like it would fit in my untitled series. 

He’d stripped her of her bottoms in spite of her fight to keep them. His hand had landed with a resounding smack that held her in place. As he’d bent her over the side of the bed, he’d left her there with a smirk and words to be grateful her top remained. For now. 

Humiliation burned hot at the way he continued to treat her. Something else slithered through her tangling with her feelings of abasement. 

After two weeks in his house, she felt that familiar prickle of arousal that heated her lower half. She wanted to shift, but feared he would hurt her if she moved too much. The chest tightening fear did nothing to squash the arousal. As her heart beat a stuttered tattoo, her pussy seemed to unfurl between her thighs. She could feel her clit beat out the same rhythm and she resisted the urge to place her hand there to soothe her ache. 

She wanted him. Beneath her consuming fear she wanted to feel him inside her. She needed to feel the near painful stretch of him. 

“Are you getting antsy, kitten?” His fingers dragged along her flank. “Do you want me to fuck you now?”

She held her tongue, biting back the automatic yes that threatened to shoot from her. Just his touch was enough to elicit scary things in her. 

He chuckled behind her. “I should take the belt to your ass for not answering my question, but I think I’ll give you what you need. For being a good kitten earlier.” 

Earlier. When she’d parted her lips willingly and allowed him to fuck her throat. She felt the wetness seep from her body, covering her inner thighs as she thought about the way she submitted to his pleasure. 

His fingers teased her outer lips, swirling in the dew coating her. “You want it so bad.” 

So bad she hurt. 

She listened to the rustle and fall of his clothes behind her, the sound sending her need soaring. Arousal was steadily surpassing fear the longer she was with him. 

The feel of his cock parting her pussy made her wiggle. A sharp slap to her bottom stilled all movement and made her gush. It was a reminder of who controlled her body, who held all the power. From the moment he’d taken her he’d all the power. 

He surged deep and she gasped as he filled her. Clenching the sheets, she panted softly as her body adjusted. 

Cruel fingers wound through her hair, pulling her up. His teeth sinking into her shoulder sent a bolt of pain through her that set her whole body on fire. 

“Oh, God,” she whimpered as he surged deep again. 

Little lady

This took on a life of its own. Runaway story alert  

He’d called me that from the day I moved in at nine until today even though I was no longer little or home with any regularity.

The older man had aged so gracefully in the twenty years he’d lived next door to my family. His salt and pepper hair had since transitioned to the dignified white of an elder, but his face remained unlined and his body unbelievably hard for someone far into his sixties. Lots of yard work over the years had turned his skin a baked brown color that made his teeth shine white when he smiled at me across our shared lawn space.

My attraction to him had morphed over the years. I’d loved how friendly he was when we first moved in the neighborhood. I was young and fatherless so the then forty something man next door was a pleasant male face that asked after me daily.

“Well, how you doing, little lady?” He’d stop mowing the lawn and step a little closer, his face lighting with interest.

“Playing out in the sunshine, Mr. B!”

I’d show him my game and chatter until he had to get back to work.

Gradually it changed. As I matured, so did my awareness of him. He’d still call me little lady and wave me down, but I’d notice his the way his eyes lingered over my legs or my breasts the older I got.

I’m home for a brief visit. Appeasing my family by stopping in and doing some cleaning of the stuff I’d accumulated in the basement.

“Little lady.”

I’d stepped out to set the trash can by the curb and encounter him leaning on his rake by his garage. His smile is warm and bright in the early morning light, jolting me just a little with that weird attraction I feel for him.

“Hey, Mr. B. How you been?” I walk closer to him so I’m not screaming across the yard. “Mom said you’d been sick recently.”

He gave a grimace and rubbed the back of his neck before chuckling softly. “Just a little heart trouble.”

I raise an eye town knowing a ‘little heart trouble’ probably wasn’t a minor thing. “Shouldn’t you be resting then?”

That bashful expression changes to a smirk. “I’m right as rain, baby girl. Nothing a little outside work won’t fix.”

Hearing him call me baby girl sent a bolt of hot lust through me. I shifted where I stood, struggling to ignore the rub of my panties against my suddenly swollen clit. I kept the lust off my face, raising two brows at him instead.

“Mr. B, do I have to tell your wife you’re out here being bad?”

That made him toss his head back and laugh. I shifted again acutely aware of the way my panties dampened.

His eyes sparkled when he finally met her face. “If I promise to go inside and rest, do you promise not to tell me wife? I’ll even invite you in for some sweet tea to sweeten the deal.”

I had a literal shit ton of things I had to do today, but I couldn’t pass up his offer. My body was moving toward him well before my mouth gave the necessary consent.

Folloeing him inside the cool darkness, I realized this was the first time I’d ever been in his house. Everything had the touches typical of an older couples house. Heavy floral curtains, weathered leather coaches that dominated one corner of the wood paneled living room, a curio cabinet filled with patterned dishwater.

On the heels of realizing this was the first time in the house came the realization that I really really shouldn’t have come in. My gut clenched not because I felt in danger but because if I stayed, I knew exactly what would happen if I did. Before I conjure the words to extract myself from the situation, he was handing me a cold glass of tea.

“Have a seat.” He placed a hand on the small of my back and guided me to the couch.

“Maybe I should drink and run…”

In spite of my weak protests, I let me lead me to the couch. He sat in the love seat just beside me so we were close enough that his knee brushed mine. We sat in silence, sipping our drinks. I could feel his eyes on me, glancing over the rim of his glass, but tried to behave.

“You’ve grown up.”

The husky tone drew my eyes to his. Blue, they were a blue so dark they looked black. I licked my lips and looked away.

“It was bound to happen.” I forced a chuckle. “Much to my mother’s dismay.”

“You’ve gotten quite beautiful, baby girl.”

Oh, God. I couldn’t handle him calling me that. Little lady was sweet and neutral. Baby girl? That played on every fantasy I had surrounding this man. My clit pulsed now and I was close to making bad decisions.

I took a big gulp of my tea before sitting the glass down on the coffee table. A hot flush was causing sweat to bead on my skin and I needed that swig to cool me down.

“Thanks for the tea, Mr. B. Glad I got to see ya while I was in.” I was to my feet in one smooth motion, keeping my eyes trained on the door and doing the right thing.

A strong, warm hand snagged my wrist before I could clear the table. “Did I say something to upset you?”

I turned to face him, pulled closer by the tug of his hand until my shins touched his knees. Staring down into his dark blues flustered me.

“Of course not!” I waved my free hand around helplessly. “I just don’t want to tax you.”

“You haven’t taxed me yet.” The way he said it, his eyes holding me shouted the exact meaning of his words.

He rose to his feet so we were touching, my chest to his and our legs nearly entwined. His breath breezed over my lips and I trembled just a little. When I felt the hard bulge tenting his jeans, pressing to my waist, I knew I was so fucked.

So bent over this old leather couch, his cock in my cunt, fucked.

He leaned into me, the hand at my wrist reaching to hold my waist now. “I’ve seen you looking when I’m out working shirtless. Every time you’re home I find a reason to strip down because I know you’ll be there watching.”

“Oh, God.”

I thought I was sneaky, but apparently not as sneaky as I believed. I swallowed and tried to get my brain to switch back on.

“Come on, little lady.” His other hand went to my nape. “Tell me what you do after you watch me work.”

My mouth went dry. I’d lay in the bed, trying desperately to keep my cries quiet as I rode my hand with thoughts of sucking his cock on my mind.

“Oh, I think I have an idea what you do. Naughty little girl.” He released my waist and placed his hand right against the seam of my damp shorts. He pressed the heel of his hand to my clit and I let out a breathy moan.

“Mr. B…” I licked my too dry lips, ashamed at how much my voice wobbled

“I know, and I think it’s important for little girls to confess so they feel better, don’t you.” He pressed harder and I swayed into him.

Fuck me. I squeezed my eyes shut, letting my legs spread a little wider as he touched me. He chuckled and rubbed my neck

“Do you know how girls confess in his house?”

My eyes fluttered open to met his. I had no idea as long as it involved him touching me like he was right then.

“On their knees, baby girl.” He pressed and I went down willingly before him. “With open mouths.”

He tapped my chin and I opened just as easily. I waited there before him, watching in a daze of lust as he released the button on his jeans and lowered the zipper. There was the flash of white before his cock was out for view. He wasn’t overwhelmingly large, but I wanted him between my lips so bad I could feel the saliva pooling.

“Stick out your tongue.” The moment I did he placed the head on the end. “Perfect. Don’t move.”

His eyes held me in place as he slid along my tongue and into my mouth. Deeper and deeper until he touched my throat. I practically vibrated with need.

“Do you want to suck?” He buried his hand in my hair.

I nodded careful not to dislodge him from my mouth.

“Then be a good girl.”

He didn’t even need to continue. My mouth closed around him and I savored my favorite mistake.