“Go on.” 

Kate looked over to where the Sara was laid out on the bed. Her red hair was fanned over the white sheets, her freckles dotting her skin in the most alluring way. Sara smiled at her and opened her legs so the lips of her pussy parted. 

“Sir…” Kate said on a stuttered breath. 

David smacked her bottom hard enough that she squeaked. She took a step forward, hungry and horny just looking at Sara spread open. 

“Katie girl, you’ve been wanting this forever.” 

She danced on her tiptoes, moving between longing and uncertainty. Sara placed a hand right on her mound, her finger grazing her clit. Kate’s throat went from dry to overflowing with saliva from the need to just taste

“Oh,” Kate whispered. 

David squeezed her bottom where he’d spanked her. “I know what you need, girl. Let me help you.”

His hand found her back, resting between her shoulders before moving up to grip the nape of her neck. Kate relaxed under the weight of her hand, the uncertainty following away with each exhale. 

She felt his breath on her shoulder as he leaned close. “You need to taste her pussy, don’t you, Katie girl?” 

Her cunt fired at those words. “Yes, sir.” 

“You want to bury your face right where she’s touching, suck her clit, and hear her moan, don’t you?” 

“Yes, sir. Please.” She trembled now, wanting to be there as Sara circled her erect clit. 

He leaned in closer, his lips brushing her ear as he tightened his hold on her neck just a little. 

“You want her to come by your mouth. You want her scent all over your face, don’t you, Katie girl?” 

Kate’s hips jerked, her cunt throbbing at the thought of Sara coming because of her. 

“Yes, sir. Yes,” she hissed out, her feet moving forward without thoughts. “Please.” 

“Then go. Be a good girl and get what you need.” 

The moment his hand dropped from her neck, she was moving forward. Kate crawled up the bed and lay between Sara’s open thighs. Close; so close she could smell her, see the wetness seeping from her body. 

Just when the uncertainty started to creep in, Sara reached for her, wrapping a hand in her hair. 

“Please, Kate. I want you so bad.” 

Kate moaned and then leaned forward to lick her from top to bottom, tasting Sara. The next moan was longer, needy. 

“How does she taste, Katie?” 

He was close to her, his heat warming her body. She only moaned again, barely registering his presence before she leaned back to lick. Kate nibbled at Sara’s clit, licked and sucked at her lips, plunged her tongue deep inside her to gather all the wetness that spilled out. 

“More,” Sara pulled at Kate’s hair, squirming beneath her. 

Kate felt David behind her, parting her thighs and moving between. She buried her face in Sara’s pussy, sucking harder at her, needing to make her come. 

Sara started to shake under her. The way she rocked her hips harder drove Kate on. 

“Oh, Jesus,” Sara cried out above her. “I’m gonna… I’m gonna come.”

Her thighs tightened around Kate’s head, trapping her there as she came with a loud cry. The gush of her climax coated Kate’s face, and she drank it down as it flowed. 

“That’s a good girl, Katie.” 

David murmured those words as he nudged her thighs wider and pushed into Kate. She came around his cock the moment he seated himself deep, and she quivered even as she licked up every drop of Sara’s juices. 

Kate laid her head on Sara’s thigh, enjoying the slow thrusts of her sir and the musky sweet smell of Sara on her face. 




She stretched up from her place on the bed, the sunlight warming her naked skin as she shook off the sluggishness of sleep. 

“Daddy?” She whispered into the empty space. 

His spot was cold so he’d been up for a while. Or she’d been a sleepyhead and he’d let her be lazy today. Lazy girl. 

She wanted to play now that she was awake, and lay back with a cheeky smile. Now she was a naughty girl, too. 

The room was warm and she could still smell the lingering scent of his cologne. She touched her lips then ran her fingertips down her chest to tease a nipple into an erect nub. A hard pinch had her back arching as electricity zinged right to her little clit. 

She followed that ley-line, tracing down her stomach straight to that spot that ached. The first swirl made her hips thrust. She whispered for her Daddy as she circled it slowly, speeding up when she couldn’t be slow any longer. Parting her labia, she rubbed up and down until her fingers were coated with honey. She wanted her Daddy’s cock, but she’d settle for two pumping fingers. 

Two fingers thrusting, she rubbed her clit with other hand, working her hips as the orgasm built. It felt like it started in her belly, more of the electric charge that was ready to spark at any second. 

She was right there, so close to coming she whined with the need. Her hips gyrated harder as she reached for it. 

“Oh, please! Daddy…”

“‘Please’, what, kitten?”

His voice was hard, breaking through the haze gripping her. Her rhythm stuttered and she gasped as she met his eyes. He was dressed in jeans and a button down, arms crossed over his chest as he stared intently at her hands buried in her cunt. There was hunger in his eyes and a touch of disappointment. 

“Daddy.” She licked her lips as she removed her hands from between her thighs. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

He raised an eyebrow, watching as she licked her sticky fingers. “Not sorry enough. What is our rule, kitten?” 

“I have to ask to play.” She looked away, her face burning. While her coloring hid it, there was no getting away from her slip. She was a bad girl and she knew it. It was hard not to fidget as guilt swept over her. 

“And?” His voice registered closer and she looked to find him standing at the side of the bed. 

“And ask Daddy to come.” 

He stared down at her, his eyes tracking over her nude body, seeming to contemplate things. She wanted to wiggle and preen for him, but didn’t want to get herself in more trouble. It didn’t help at all the way his cock pressed against the zipper of his jeans, tempting her to more badness. 

“Would you like to come, kitten?”

Her eyes snapped to his. There was something hidden in those words she was missing, but if he was offering… 

“Yes, Daddy.”

His smile made her worry. What was he planning? 

The room smelled like her sex. It was hard to be displeased with her when she looked so pretty, but his little kitty needed to remember why he was in charge. 

He settled himself in the bed beside her. He looked over at where she lay, her brown skin glistening with sweat from her unauthorized play. She peeked back at him with slightly unfocused eyes, suspicion covering her face. He wanted to tease her body, touch her wet cunt and tease her tight nipples, but that would only encourage her. 

“Go get your tail, bad kitty.”

She eyed him before rising from the bed to retrieve her tail as instructed.

When she bent to pull open the drawer, her cunt was plump between her thighs and her ass on display. He found himself growling. 

“Hurry, naughty girl, or you don’t get to come.” 

She was quick after that, scurrying back to bed with little of the teasing. He patted his lap and she climbed up to lay across so her lovely bottom was tipped up. 

He anchored her to him with one arm before caressing her slowly. Her skin seemed to shiver as he touched her, her hips arching up as he trailed fingers over the curve. 

Their differences never failed to captivate him each time she submitted to him. It’s the contrast between the two of them that was bewitching. The color of her skin as she lay so willingly across his lap. Skin that was so very different from his own. Skin that would not blush as he struck it, yet it would still feel each impact the same as any other flesh.

He waited until she was moaning with each caress, begging with her body for him to take her. Then he began. 

Where he usually would warm her up, he spanked with quick measured strikes that made her wiggle and cry out. He worked that steady pace, listening as her breathing grew labored and her hands threatened to reach back to protect her bottom. She knew better then that though and he smiled when she clung to his arm at her waist and the edge of the bed in turn. 

After an impressive amount of time, when her tears had started to flow and her bottom was a hot mess, he paused. She collapsed on his lap, her sniffles loud in the room. He didn’t even register the throb in his palm, his mind wholly focused on her wet little cunt. 

“Present, kitten.” 

She moved slow, climbing from his lap with sniffles and gasps. After a few moments she was facedown in the bed, her hot bottom raised in the air. Tentatively, as though she was scared to touch herself, she spread her bottom apart so her asshole appeared. 

“Good girl.” 

He rose from the bed to step behind her. Wetness covered her cunt, coating her inner thighs. He took the bulb of the tail, rubbing the plug along her lips and dipping it deep inside her until it was sopping wet. 

When he pressed it against her hole, her groan made him hum with pleasure. 

“That’s it, kitten. Take it like a good girl.”

Her body opened, swallowing the plug until it was seated in her body. Her black and white tail looked pretty against her skin. 

“Thank you, Daddy.” 

The way she whispered her thanks broke him. He pulled her back towards him, unfastening his jeans with his other hand. She reached back to hold her tail up for him, and he murmured his praise as he slid into her wetness. 

The heat of her bottom warmed his skin the same way her cunt warmed his cock. He wanted to push her into the bed and fuck her hard. 

“Oh gosh, Daddy,” she moaned out as he buried himself deep again. “I feel so full.” 

He gripped her hair to pull her up, thrusting hard into her. It wasn’t long until she was begging for him.

“Please, Daddy. Please.”

Her cunt gripped him, sucked him in, called for him to spill. He yanked hard at her hair to remind her. 

“Please, what?” He hissed into her ear. 

“Please, Daddy. Please, may I come, Daddy?”

Her hand gripped the sheets, pulling them as he fucked her hard. She was a very good girl and kept his tail high for him. She’d earned her orgasm and he his. 

“You may come, kitten.” He dug his fingers into her sore bottom as she exploded around him. 

“Oh, Daddy. Thank you.” 

Listening to her cry out. For. Him. Her cunt clenching around him, pulled him over the edge. He growled as he emptied himself into her body. 

“That’s my good kitten.” He murmured. “That’s my good girl.” 

You’re it 

Unedited as per usual, but I wrote something! 

I  know how you like it. 

Your sigh, each and every one, as you’re pleasured. The pitch of your cry as you tumble into ecstasy. 

I’ve seen your back arch hard, your ass held high as you keen with each thrust. 

The blush that stains your cheeks, above and below. The welts that rise as you gasp and clench your teeth, your face a picture of tortured pleasure. 

I can give you that. 

I will give you that. 

You sleep, so serene. I watch you breathe, the way your lips part on a sigh have me imagining them stretched around my cock. You turn to your side, pushing the covers away so your bare thigh flicks into view. 

I slip inside in the same way I plan to slip inside you. Slow, easy, and with the very smile I wear at this moment. 

You must sense me, feel the heat of my body as I move closer to your bed. I wait for that moment your body and mind almost connect…

Your gasp as I grasp the hair at the nape of your neck rises a growl in me that I don’t suppress. 

“Help,” you breathe out before drawing in a lungful of air to scream, “help, someone help me.” 

I push your face deep in the pillow, using the force to roll you to your stomach. You flail so pretty as I climb up to straddle you. 

Bare thighs and pretty cotton panties. Those panties disappear under the sharp blade of my knife. I smooth my free hand along beautiful skin I’ve only spied. Your thrashing increases threatening to buck me off. I simply smirk and punish that ass like every other man you’ve let touch you. 

You still beneath me, your cries muted by fabric. I lean over your back, letting my exhale tickle your ear as I settle over you. 


Your fight begins again just as I’d hoped. I delight in your thrashing, in your muffled cries, in your panic. Nothing can keep me from fucking you though. 

Will fright make you dry as I take what I want? Or will the fight make your cunt slick and ease my way into the heaven I long for? 

I can’t help my trembling or the tightening grip of my hand on your neck. It’s easy to undo my zipper and free myself, letting my cock lay like a pulsing beacon between your cheeks. I watch your back arch as you squirm, your shoulders bunching as you try again to push me off. Oh, sweet girl, soon I’ll be too firmly planted for you to ever unseat me. Mind… body… soul. 

Leaning over you again, I turn your head, wanting to hear you that cry the first time my cock takes your cunt. My lips tease your ear, inhaling you deep for just a moment as we both hover, knowing what comes next. 

“You’re it.” I whisper the words in your ear, letting my body find its way into yours. 

I don’t thrust in fast, wanting to feel every inch as I discover it. Your body resists, but I enjoy that drag. Your choked whimper is everything I hoped it would be the moment it leaves your mouth. 

Your hands fist in the sheets as I bottom out and our groans mingle in the air. The urge to move overwhelms my desire to stay buried forever so I heed it. I tighten my thighs around your hips and pull back so I can drive into the beautiful space your body creates for me once again. You wrap around me so perfectly that I slow so I don’t spill so soon. I move my hand around to grasp your throaty the way I know you like, my smile almost feral in the dim light. 

A moment this perfect deserves to be savored all night long, and many nights after.  


It’s been tough getting myself to sit down let alone find the words necessary to write. I’m not sure where my desire has wandered off to, but I want it back. Here’s something to maybe wake my muse. 

Malta tried to melt into the terra-cotta wall, praying the two girls on either side of her would overshadow her slight presence. It should’ve been an easy task considering the girls. Armia on her left was an Amazon with a body to match, while Resha to her right was a beautiful onyx color with a shorn head and wide hips. Malta was a figure in between beautiful in her own right, as is fitting the pleasure slaves owned by the King, but nowhere near the heights of the other women. 

Maybe that would leave her unnoticed another night. She’d been trying to stay under the radar for months, but something in the pit of her belly made her fear her time was up. 

“Look at all the sychopants out tonight,” Resha said with a bored sigh. “No one worth revealing my breasts for.” 

Armia laughed loud enough to draw a few eyes their way. Malta squeezed hers shut and hoped they’d return to the activities instead of them. 

“I see a few I’d reveal more than my breasts to.” Armia’s purr made Malta shiver. 

“I’d like to escape back to my room.” Malta mumbled the words under her breath and gazed longingly toward the exit through the moving bodies. 

Fingers tickled down her back, causing another shiver. She cast a narrowed gaze at Armia. “Not before you’re used tonight, little flower.” 

Malta bit her tongue to prevent the angry words building up in her throat. She swallowed them down and focused all her attention on blending in to the wall. Some slow deep breaths, a simple tuning out of the ruckus around her, and she felt the herself slip away mentally. 

After what felt like hours, the party began to wind down. Her anxiety decreased by the second as the last of the dances were completed and people began to pair up. 

Armia had disappeared with a tall, thin man an hour ago. Her cries could be heard over the din of the room so she couldn’t be too far. 

“It’s time for me to retire.” 

Resha’s words startled her out of her focus. Malta looked up to see the other pleasure slave slipping through the crowd, leaving her vulnerable in the too busy room. 

Malta made to follow, hoping the crowd and the party winding down would give her enough cover to get out. 

Gathering her courage, she let her bare feet carry her into the bodies. She tried not to touch anyone, staying close to the wall and keeping her head down. The hall was in sight, her speed increasing with her need to be through and free. 

A hand wrapped around her forearm stopped her forward motion. She nearly stumbled with the abrupt stop. 

“What have we here? A free pleasure slave.”

Malta spun around to face Tabor, the King’s high guard. He was a beautiful with his shoulder length wavy hair and full lips, but the cruelty in his eyes made him someone Malta purposely avoided. 

He eyed her now and she wished she had more cover than the thin mesh dress that revealed every inch of her body. 

“The King just remarked that he was in need of relief.” He pulled her close until he could whisper in her ear. “And I find I could use some relief as well.”

Something shimmered through her, but she ignored it. Hanging on to her anger at being stopped instead. 

She clenched her teeth as he led her from the room opposite of where she wanted to go. So close, she thought as she gazed longingly behind her. 

They moved down the hall that led only to the suites of the King. Malta resisted the urge to drag her feet, knowing it wouldn’t stop what was to come. It was hard to tamp down her fear as Tabor tapped lightly at the double doors. They swung in, flooding the dim hallway with light. 

“Tell me you’ve brought me something to slack this thirst I have.” The King’s voice floated over the large room, sending Malta’s heart racing. 

Tabor glanced down at her, his dark eyes glinting as he smiled. “Oh, I believe this will satisfy. Something fresh and untouched.”

She swallowed hard and lifted her chin. How he knew she was untouched was beyond her, but she hid her shock choosing to present a strong front. She could get through this just as she’d gotten through everything else since the beginning of her life. 

Tabor drew her around in front of him so she face the room. With a quick flick of a knife, her gown lay at her feet and her body bared to the room. A hand snuck around to grasp her breast, drawing a shocked gasp from her. 

His breath blew across her bare shoulder seconds before his lips brushed her ear. “Present yourself to the King, Malta. Let him have you first so then I may have you all to myself.” 

He rolled her nipple between his fingers, drawing it to a point before releasing it. He stepped away from her, leaving her face hot and her back cold. 

Malta didn’t want to move, but the sharp smack to her bottom propelled her forward with a yelp. As she moved, her hands crept up to cover her breasts and her sex. 

“Hands down, Malta. Do not hide what no longer belongs to you.”

Tabor’s gruff voice held a warning, one she knew to heed. He was known for quick hand with the whip. Many a person had returned to the slave quarters with ribbons of skin on their backs missing because of Tabor. 

“And what have we here?”

As she approached the bed where he reclined, the King’s eyes roamed over her form. She could feel it like a caress and had to suppress her shudder. 

He was still young and fit, still handsome even though his brown hair had started to thin on top. While less of a warmonger than his father before him, he wasn’t known for being gentle or kind in or out of his suites. 

It was the stories that had made her dodge coming into this room. Even knowing it was her duty to serve him, Malta feared giving herself to him. The beatings, the screams, the way the girls were confined after to recover… 

“Very pretty, Tabor. Did you pick her yourself?” 

The King beaconed her on to the bed. She climbed onto the feathered mattress with great reluctance. Too bad she couldn’t truly enjoy the first nice bed she’d ever been in. 

“I did, Askha.” Tabor’s voice came close behind her, but she didn’t turn around. 

The King caressed her face before trailing a finger down to her collarbone. “She’s just what you like.”

“You know my tastes well.”

He glanced over her shoulder at Tabor, an unreadable look in his eyes. The King smiled suddenly, the move softening his face considerably. 

“I do indeed.” He turned to sit up, turning so they faced one another, spreading his legs out in front of him. 

The folds of his robe parted to show his thighs. A hand between her shoulder blades urged her forward until she was on her hands and knees before him. Malta watched as the King parted his robe further to reveal his cock. 

Malta felt Tabor’s hands on her ankles pulling her thighs apart. She tried to turn in protest, but the King reached forward to capture her hair in his fist. 

“Uh uh, eyes on me, pretty flower. Tabor will take care of things, but I need you to take care of me.” 

Before her eyes, his cock hardened to an impressive length. Did he expect her to place her mouth on him? 

He chuckled as he gripped himself at the base. “Don’t be shy. That mouth of yours is made to receive cock.” 

“Her whole body is made to receive cock.” Tabor patted her bottom then slid two finger along her lower lips. 

The King drew her forward, holding her hair fast. She considered resisting, but knew it would only earn her a beating. So when the tip of his cock touched her lips, she opened to receive. 

“Good girl,” the King breathed when she closed her lips around around him. “Now suck.”

Malta closed her eyes and tried to do as he asked. She knew to watch her teeth and keep her suction tight. The faster she worked the faster she’d find herself back in her room. 

“She’s quite good.” The quiver in his voice gave her a secret thrill. “Now tell me how her cunt feels.” 

The bed dipped around her knees and she paused. The hand in her hair tightened, warning her to continue. 

“She’s untried, something I’m sure your not used to, Askha. I’d rather take my time discovering her.” 

Calloused hands parted her bottom so her lower lips splayed open. Her thighs shook from the foreign feeling of being so exposed. The coolness of the room hit her a brief second before moist heat slicked inside her. 

The pleasure took her by surprise, forcing a low moan from her that vibrated along the King’s shaft. His grip tightened, pulling her further down on him. Malta sucked harder in response. 

“I don’t know what you’re doing, but she seems to like it a lot,” the King gasped out. 

“Giving her a little pleasure.” Another lap of a tongue and Malta thrust her hips back.

“To soften her up I assume.” 

“There she is.” Tabor pressed a kiss to her thigh before he stopped touching her. 

Malta’s disappointment made her slow for a moment before she focused on her task. She redoubled her efforts once again, aiming to please the King. 

Tabor’s hands circled her waist. She felt the blunt tip of him probing at her entrance. There was no way to protest the way he invaded her body with her mouth so full. He filled her so quickly, spearing her and breaking through thin barrier of her innocence. Tabor gave her no time to adjust and the King demanded his pleasure. 

“And how does she feel?” The question was strained as it was asked. 

“Hot, tight, and wet. Exactly as I knew she’d be.” 

Tabor punctuated each word with a thrust, driving her forward onto the royal cock. 

“Perhaps you should take this one as your own, Tabor. I believe you’ve earned yourself a dedicated slave.”

Fingers touched at the apex of her thighs, circling her clit and making her hips rock back into each thrust. 

“Thank you, my King, you are far too kind to me.” 

The King choked on his laughter. “Drop the facade. You would’ve asked me for her anyway. Or taken her when I wasn’t looking.” 

“Again, you know me too well.”

Tabor drove into Malta hard, the feeling of him inside her sending a spiral of sensations through her. It was foreign and made her want to squirm away, an impossibility with the way both the King and Tabor held her. 

“Ah, I feel you, Malta. I’d treat you like the good little slave you are. No more avoiding me and plenty of you coming on my cock.” 

She closed her eyes, but was unable to fight off the rising sensation in her core. As the King used her mouth, and Tabor used her cunt, Malta’s world narrowed and then expanded to explode around her. 

The King held her head hard, his cock pulsing as he came down her throat. She sucked, her mind a blur. 

Tabor pushed through the ripples of her body, striving for his own completion. She simply collapsed between the King’s legs, spreading her thighs wider to receive Tabor’s thrusts. 

“That’s a good girl. Such a good girl.”

He came with a roar, the heat of him filling her up. 

“Well, I’m sated.” The King clapped his hands and rolled away. “You may have her moved into your room this night. Try to show up for duty on time in the morning.”

“I’ll try, my King.” 

Her mind was slowly coming back around and the realization of what had happened hit her. Malta would’ve collapsed completely, but he held her fast. 

“No avoiding me now, Malta.” He thrust gently and her body fluttered around him. “I wanted you and now I have you.”

She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Another change in her constantly changing world. 

Untitled 4

I found this in my drafts. Click here to start from the beginning. 

Mm, she felt so good in his arms again. She’d been stiff initially from surprise, but there was no ignoring the way her gentle curves melted into his frame. He felt her take a deep breath and placed a restraining hand over her mouth before she could scream. Not that he worried anyone would come to her aid, but the only screaming he wanted from her were screams of pleasure.

He rubbed his nose along her neck, breathing in her smell. She smelled delicious. Cinnamon and honey, a lucious smell that clung to her and made him want to sink his teeth into her. Instead of suppressing the urge, he followed his instinct to mark her. Her squeal as his teeth scored her skin had his cock rising to impossible stiffness. 

“Did you miss me?” He kissed beneath her ear, enjoying the way she quivered. 

The hand at her mouth tightened as he let his other trail down her body. Her body seemed to awaken under his fingertips. Dark nipples furled as he tweaked them, her back arching as he tickled along her ribs, belly dipping as he swirled inside her navel, and lower… 

“What do we have here?” He sighed as he sank his fingers into her short, damp curls. The way her thighs parted, cunt lips plumped as he teased her until she vibrated in his arms. 

He paused, reminding himself why he was there in the first place. Time to collect what was his. 

She jerked when he grabbed her thigh to pull her open. Her leg drapped back over his hip, positioning her exactly where he needed. His mind cautioned slowness, but his cock was beyond waiting. He canted his hips, slicking his skin with her wetness. On the next slide, he fit the head to her opening and pushed in deep. 

“Oh God.”

He wasn’t sure which of them breathed the harsh words, but he felt it like a prayer in his bones. Her body enveloped his in a grip so tight it was like they were one person. It was exactly like he’d hoped and he knew something in that perfect moment. 

Buried in the body that sparked something bright, he knew he’d never tire of the feeling of her. He’d kill to have this forever. 

Guess what I’ve been reading 

Yes, I wrote this. Careful or the next story will have tentacles! 

Her head felt like it was going to explode. 

She blinked a few times, trying to clear the fog that had settled around her. Her body was taking way too long to come back online, her limbs numb. Between her head and her body, she knew she wasn’t just suffering from a terrible hang over. A surge of panics hit her and she faded back to unconsciousness. 

It was a while later she woke again feeling a little clearer and in control. Attempting to rise, she was impeded by bindings looped around her neck and limbs. She blinked up at the metallic ceiling above her, mentally reaching for something familiar. 


She wanted to lose, but knew she needed to keep her head about her. An assessment revealed she was strapped to some kind of metal table the straps crisscrossing her torso and thighs as well. There was no easy way out of this and she had zero memory of how she got there.

At least she was clothed. She drew a semblance of comfort even if she had nothing else. 

“You’ve risen.”

She couldn’t see who spoke, but the sound was… Off. Not like someone speaking through a stereo, but definitely muffled and discordant to her ears. Whomever it was made a soft sigh or purring noise to her far left. Too far for her to see. 

“Who the fuck are you?” She couldn’t keep the bite out of her voice even with her precarious situation. Fear made her reckless. 

A face peered down at her from directly above and she blinked in surprise. Squeezing her eyes shut, she opened them again, once again confronted with the bizarre image in filling her vision. The thing – she assumed it was male by the depth of its voice and the broadness of its features – above her couldn’t be human. 

It had wide eyes with cat like pupils the color of violet. Its skin was so pale as to be translucent, the veins beneath almost purple. The mouth appeared normal until it opened its mouth revealing razor sharp teeth that made her think of a shark. A tattoo of dark ink decorated the skin on his forehead, forming an almost crown like appearance. 

“Is this a joke? Did Tracey put you up to this?” 

One thin eyebrow rose at her question. “I assure you I don’t joke. I must prepare you.

All her bravado fled the moment he pulled a large syringe full of a clear viscous substance. Before she could even put up a struggle, he was injecting the thick liquid into her neck. The moment it hit her system, it reacted. 

First it was a strange tingling that started in her face and moved in a rush down her body. Then came the heat; intense radiating heat that made her want to tear her clothes off. 

“Please, please,” she begged, her eyes squeezed tight as the heat overwhelmed her. “I can’t take it. Help me.” 

The being was cutting the clothes from her body piece by piece as she begged. Her skin was quickly becoming too sensitive. The heat morphing into something pulsing as she writhed in her bounds. 

It was a different kind of tingle now. One that made her nipples painfully tight the moment he snipped the band of her bra. It made her stomach clench with sudden need, moving down until it settled between her thighs. Her labia felt full, wetness dribbling out and down to coat her pucker before pooling on the table beneath her. She needed to come desperately. 

“Now for the preparations” 

She arched up when it touched her thighs. The sandpaper quality of its skin too much sensation. She felt herself being parted gently and the being making humming noises. It tapped her clit once and she exploded, keening loudly as the orgasm ripped through her. Something touched the tight ring of her bottom and she came again. 

“Very sensitive to the elixir.” It spoke to something else in the room. “We will remove its hair coverings to increase the response.” 

She felt something warm skimming the surface of her mons and then lower. Even that made her whimper, but it wasn’t enough to push her over only heighten the need. 


Her mind was a cloud of need, her body aching with the desire to keep coming until she was spent. She begged for that even though the being ignored her to continue its exam. 

Something pinched one nipple in a punishing grip before a shaft of pain lanced through her breast. The fog in her head cleared slightly from the pain, but not enough to stop the orgasm from rolling through her like a train. The other nipple was subjected to the same treatment until both breasts throbbed in time with her heart. 

“Your keeper will appreciate the adornments we’ve provided.” It tweaked her nipple drawing a gasp from her. 

“My… My keeper?” Her throat was raspy. “What keeper?” 

It continued on as though it hadn’t heard her. Instead another lance of pain shot through her navel. When the pinch settled on her clit, she begged again for it to stop. 

“All possible sources of pleasure must be adorned. It is the way your keeper has requested you be presented.” 

She came with the hot pain that hit her clit. 

“I will leave the proper internal exam to you, as required.” She knew it wasn’t talking to her, but she couldn’t discern another presence in the room. “Be aware that this species requires a delicate touch when breaching its orifices. The soft tissue will damage if used too roughly without proper stretching.” 

Her bottom was breached suddenly and she struggled. Her useless writhing only earned her a warning slap on her breast causing her to come once again. She lay trembling as the object expanded in her bum, stretching her open. 

“This will allow you to use this hole much sooner. Simply increase its since each day until it reaches the girth required for penetration. The front hole will accommodate, but still requires gentle entry and preparation the first time. It will take you with ease.” 

“Send her to me immediately. I will examine and train her myself” 

The voice that registered sounded impossibly deep and hard. Fear returned in full force as she listened. Her mind refused to believe what was happening to her.

The being appeared above her again. It’s sharp teeth on display. 

“You’ll serve your master well, won’t you, human?” 

Tremors of a different kind hit her and she faded from consciousness. 

Untitled 3

One, two

Paranoia had been riding her hard since that night.

She glanced over her shoulder as she walked to her car, the shadows in the garage deep and menacing. Picking up her pace, she struggled to keep herself from panicking as she closed the distance to her vehicle.

Her sigh of relief when she finally settled down into the leather seats filled the car. The doors locked with a reassuring click  as she started the engine, chasing a bit of her fear away.

Dark, scary thoughts plagued her as she wove through evening traffic. She chastised herself almost daily for not reporting her attacker. The man broke into her apartment and forced himself on her. For Christ sake, she was a victim!

Except that little voice in the back of her mind taunted her with the way she responded to his touch. His masterful play of her body was scarier than him showing up in her room. No man had made her come so hard in the past. What was worse was how she’d masturbated every night since then, fear and lust swirling in her belly at the thought of him. Would he come for her again? And why did part of her pray he did?

A honk behind her drew her out of her thoughts. She released her white knuckle grip on the steering wheel and sped through the light.

The lot was full when she pulled into the complex, forcing her to park further down from her apartment and do a hurried trek through the dark lot. She didn’t breathe easy until she was in her apartment and the lock was in place.

Tension from work and fear had formed hard knots in the her neck and shoulders and she groaned as she stripped out of her scrubs on her way to the bathroom. Steam filled the space, swirling around her and carrying away some of the anxiety that plagued her. With a soft sigh, she slipped under the spray and lost herself in the heat of the water.

Just the act of cleaning herself, the slow slide of the wash cloth and her hands down her body, relaxed her. It also had the effect of bringing her mind back to that night again. Nipples already tight grew tighter and she groaned as the water rinsed the soap from her. She slid a hand down her stomach, reaching to cup between her thighs. A different wetness coated her fingers as she teased her clit and thrust two fingers deep in her cunt.

Oh God, she needed to come desperately. The need for it was almost overwhelming as dark thoughts of her intruder invaded her mind.

She came with a cry and a tremble that shook her from head to toe. The dark thoughts faded, his fingers an echo on her body with each jerk of her hips. Her head rested on the tile, the cooling water beating down on her back as shame permeated where lust had recently been.

He’d changed everything for her and she didn’t know how to fix it.

After a glass or two of wine, she finally let fatigue carry her to her bedroom. She couldn’t avoid sleep no matter how hard she tried and maybe the extra wine would actually let her sleep through the night.

She couldn’t help stripping out of her pajamas and sliding between her cool sheets naked. Even with the fear that still rode her at times, she found she had a far more restful sleep nude. What sleep she managed to get, that is.

Thankfully, the hard day at work and the wine combined to ease her into a dreamless slumber.

She jerked awake with a gasp, glancing around wildly as her heart galloped in her chest. Gripping the sheet to her chest, she swallowed around the dryness of her throat. She strained her ears, listening closely for any and all sounds. The ticking of the clock and the soft whir of her ceiling fan were all she heard.

It was long moments before she regained control of herself, the panic slow to fade after such an unexpected rush. She was left covered in a cold sweat, her body trembling. Laying back, she took a deep cleansing breath and reminded herself that nothing was wrong. She was fine.

Rolling to her side, she squeezed her eyes tight and practicing the breathing techniques her friend had taught her.

In through her nose for the count of four, she held that breath for the count of seven, and exhaled slowly for the count of eight. In, hold, out. In, hold, out. She repeated the action until get muscles relaxed and she hovered right at the edge of sleep.

She didn’t feel the slight dip in the bed, sleep beginning to pull her under. It was the arm around her waist pulling her against a warm, naked body that snatched her from the edge of sleep with a gasp.

Caught (4:1)

Another broken up chapter. 

They were playing some kind of game and it was pissing her off. Her heel connected with his shin, and Hunter grunted behind her. “Stop talking about me like I’m not here.”

A broad smile split Luke’s face and Gazelle glared at him. His laughter bounced off the walls as he leaned a hip against the bed. “Are you sure you don’t want me to tame her, Hunter? She may be too much for you.”

“Fuck you, Luke.” His reply seemed casual, but she heard the steel. 

Luke winked at her. “You’ll have to woo me a little first. You’re welcome by the way.” He saluted them both and exited the room as quietly as he entered it. Hunter muttered under his breath, but her focus was back on putting some distance – and clothes- between them.

She squirmed, her thighs butting against his clothed legs. “Let me up, now.”

His hand landed hard on her ass and she let out a squeak and renewed her struggle. When he spanked her across one cheek then the other, she lay still. The sting dulled slowly, but not before it radiated down between her thighs. She arched her back, letting the need blossom.

“You were great at talking, but not at listening. That will change.” The sound of a zipper lowering filled the room. “I give and you receive, no questions. There are things you don’t understand about yourself and I’m going to teach you.”

Gazelle buried her face in the comforter. She wasn’t sure she wanted to learn. There was no turning back once the need living inside her saw light. She wasn’t sure she liked that person she kept locked away.

“I don’t think—“ She gasped as he entered her with a powerful thrust.

Her body stretched to take him as he inched in then pulled back. It was a slow trek he made as he reacquainted her body with his girth. She panted into the covers when he bottomed out, leaving her feeling conquered and full. His hand grasped her hips, connecting them ass to groin. They hung suspended, an odd joy shimmering between them as he pulsed inside her.

“You can handle it.” The intensity of his voice glided over her skin.

Her body clung to him as he withdrew, and stretched wide as he returned with a surge of his hips. She felt the ripple of the muscles in his thighs, as he pressed hard against her. He felt good, familiar, the way he filled her a sensation she remembered well. With each thrust, Gazelle let her body take over.

She let her mind quiet down. 

Caught (4)

Chapter 4

“Decide.” Hunter stepped back, leaving her feeling bereft. She knew why he did it, but missed his warmth even as the distance cleared her head. She followed him with her eyes, as he turned away and paced down the hall.

She hated both choices because either way she went left her open to pain. If she accepted his offer, if she gave in to that need, there would be no going back. Gazelle knew she wouldn’t find satisfaction with anyone else. The pleasure, that’s what he promised her, more than she could probably handle.

But the other option…

“Wait.” Her voice came out as a whisper, but he heard it and stopped.

He paced back toward her, close enough to pull her into his arms, but didn’t touch her. She wrapped her arms around her waist and met his eyes. 

“How do you want to do this, Elle?”

The way he said her name, the nickname that only he used, solidified something for her. She nodded. “I’ll stay.”

His smile turned predatory. “Perfect.”

Gazelle had no time for second thoughts. Hunter grabbed her hand and pulled her across the hall to the second red door. He loosened his grip as the door shut behind her, allowing her to move farther into the room.

This room was larger with the dark wood that dominated the entire estate. It was there in the paneling on the wall, in the old armoire near the large window, and in the thick posts that surrounded the bed. A dresser with a large mirror sat across from the armoire and she caught a glimpse of her reflection; excitement and yearning reflected back at her before she glanced away.

The bed itself was big enough to sleep four people and beckoned her to sink into the fluffy dark brown comforter. Probably down, she thought absently as she walked over to the nightstand. Dark brown carpet ran from wall-to-wall, and on a whim, Gazelle slipped off her heels and allowed her feet to sink into the fibers. She made a small sound of pleasure at the softness.

“You ready?”

Whirling, she found him standing behind her looking relaxed as he leaned on the nightstand. He’d rolled his sleeves up and unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt, revealing a tantalizing expanse of tan skin. His hands were fit into his front pocket accentuating the bulge tenting his pants. The same arrogant confidence rolled off him and she found it erotic. One dark eyebrow raised in challenge.

Gazelle felt on edge, but didn’t have the sense to play coy. As if she’d change her mind. She lowered her eyes, nodding with one quick bob of her head.

“Look at me.” He hadn’t moved an inch closer, but the steel lacing his voice had her jerking her head up. “Say the words, Gazelle.”

Licking her lips, she gave her consent, “I’m ready.”

His eyes watched her for a moment before he commanded, “Strip.”

A trembling started in her limbs. He’d seen her body before, done exquisite things to it, but something about this instance felt different to her. Hunter felt dangerous, harder and much more commanding than he’d been years ago. Something deep inside her reacted to this man standing before her, it wanted to unfurl and offer him everything.

“Gazelle,” he warned. “Now.”

Her pussy quivered in response. Reaching for the hem of her dress, she inched it up, keeping her eyes on Hunter. The way his jaw clenched as she revealed the fact that she’d failed to wear panties made her feel powerful. She bunched the fabric and pulled it up and over her head, leaving her totally bare. The room was warm, but goose bumps prickled along her skin as he gazed at her.

Tension ramped higher as the silence grew, and she resisted the urge to go to him. She didn’t understand why he made them wait, but she refused to speak up. Instead she lowered her gaze, her arms down by her side, hiding nothing from him.

“Still beautiful, Elle.” She couldn’t help smiling though she kept her eyes lowered. “I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.”

His legs came into view, his fingers threading through her hair. A gentle tug and Gazelle went to her knees before him. Her heart bounced around in her chest as excitement zipped through her veins. She fisted her hands at her side, bombarded by her need. She wanted to feel him sliding into her mouth, to have his taste his essence as it exploded across her tongue.

Overwhelmed, she lifted her hands to his waist, but he stopped her. “Not yet. Remember, you get my cock when I say you can.”

He produced something from his pocket, but she didn’t see until something soft brushed by her face. She jerked her head up. “What…?”

‘Trust me, Elle.” He stared down into her eyes, waiting for her to decide.

Gazelle lowered her eyes and nodded. He brought a piece of red fabric into her line of sight, and then blindfolded her with it. The moment her vision disappeared, she grew anxious. They’d never explored anything like this before and a feeling of the room closing in clawed at her.

Hunter’s hand settled on the back of her neck and gave a gentle squeeze. “Relax. Let your other senses open up. Just breathe.”

She drew in a breath, drawing on his offered strength. Another breath and she stretched her senses out to feel. The carpet felt softer under her knees, the weight of his hand light, and the warm air brushed her skin and tightened her nipples to hard points. Hunter removed his hand, leaving her kneeling there on the floor. The door opened and shut with a barely audible click, startling her. No other sound filled the room and worry began to nibble at her. She strained to catch even the tiniest noise.

“Hunter?” Her words echoed in the large room, but he returned no response. Was he playing with her? A form of revenge for the way she’d walked out, leaving him those years ago?

Upset, Gazelle reached for her blindfold, but a hand seized her wrist and guided it behind her back. She opened her mouth to protest, but the words refused to form.  He maneuvered her other arm into place and bound them together at the small of her back.  Excitement caused her breath to rush between her lips in a gasp.  Her lack of sight ramped her anticipation to the next level.

A hand stroked down her back, and she arched forward in surprise.  As hot breath followed the same path, hands cupped her breasts.  The varying sensations, hot breath and gentle kneading started an ache low in her belly.

Calloused fingers tweaked and tortured her nipples until she moaned aloud.  Pressing her thighs together, Gazelle tried to find some relief for the pressure building.  The hands at her breasts fell to her legs to pry them apart, denying her the pleasure before returning to torture her nipples.

The ache was a demanding throb now. She whimpered and pulled at her bounds, desperate to touch herself.  Hunter’s body pressed against her back, trapping her hands, but warming her and adding to the sensations she felt.

“Please,” she begged.

One hand dropped to cup her mound and she thrust into it.  She spread her legs wider, the wet lips of her pussy parting, her body all but begging for him to touch her deeper. His ignored her moans and wordless pleas, only holding her as he pulled at her nipple.

“Hunter.” Gazelle tried twisting around in his arms, but he pressed closer so she couldn’t move.

She needed more.  His touch had her hanging on the razor’s edge, but it wasn’t enough.  Her hips rocked into his still hand.

“I know what you need.” His breath fanned across her face. “Open up, Gazelle.”

Something wet caressed her lips and she opened to receive it.  It slid over her tongue, to the back of her throat, stretching her mouth wide. The salty taste that accompanied the invasion was her clue to what filled her mouth.

She knew it wasn’t Hunter, but something about being shared with someone else was exactly what she needed.  Turning off her mind, she let relax into the men’s touch. 

Tightening her lips, she sucked hard, letting her tongue dance along the tip as she moved along his length. Whoever stood above her made little sound, but she felt the tension radiate from his body. Gazelle doubled her efforts determined to bring him to the brink.  She wanted to taste his cum on her tongue.

Hands grabbed the hair on top of her head, held her still, and start a hard pace. Fingers parted the lips of her pussy and plunged inside, spearing her deep as the cock in her mouth surged against the back of her throat. Gazelle hummed, loving the way they worked in tandem. Hunter curled his fingers and stroked her g-spot until she gushed and clamped down around him. She cried out around the cock in her mouth, the sound a muffled moan, as her climax swept through her.

The man surged deep into her mouth, and with a deep groan, shot hot cum into her throat. That tangy, bitter flavor danced over her tongue as she swallowed jet after jet of essence. He softened between her lips, slipping out as she fell into the warm body behind her.

As she rested there, Gazelle’s mind caught up to her actions. In her mind’s eye, she could imagine the picture she made as she served some unknown man. Her dwindling lust couldn’t disguise the fact that she’d given control of her body over, allowed him to use her, and gotten off on that fact.

“Gazelle,” Hunter warned. “Don’t.”

His arms tightened around her waist and she realized her body was rigid. She’d never possessed the ability to hide her emotions from him. Running became the smarter option then and she longed to experience it now.

Shifting forward, she lifted her bound hands away from her back and demanded, “Untie me.”

He pulled the blindfold off her eyes, the bright lights making her squint as she adjusted to the light. She looked up to find Luke standing over her, a hungry look in his blue eyes. The feeling of being caught and exposed intensified under his unblinking stare. Gazelle dropped her eyes to his cock and felt a renewed surge of lust at the way it lay wet in his hands. Her reservations at her behavior couldn’t stem the feminine pride she felt at knowing she’d given him satisfaction.

Luke tucked himself away and stepped back as Hunter came around to lift her to her feet. “She liked it.” There was a hint of amusement in the larger man’s voice that brought heat to her face.

“Untie me.” She demanded again when Hunter led her to the bed and bent her over the edge. “Now.”

“I knew she would,” Hunter answered as if Gazelle hadn’t spoken. He placed a hand between her shoulder blades, preventing her from standing. “You can see what lurks under the surface when you look in her eyes. She’s just too scared to acknowledge it, of course.”

She turned her head to find Luke standing at the foot of the bed; the hunger in his eyes banked to a smolder.

“So what do you plan to do with her?”

Caught (3:1)

I ended the last part at a weird part in the chapter so this section is short. Sorry? It needs a bit more tweaking, but here it is as it is. 

He closed the distance between them with a few quick steps, caging her between his body and the wall before she drew another breath. The instant they touched, things felt so right. He fit them together from chest to hip, pressing the hard proof of his arousal in the vee of her thighs, forcing her legs apart to cradle him. His bracketed her hips, but didn’t touch her as he looked down at her, an unreadable expression on his face.

Hunter leaned forward, his nose brushing along her jaw line as he breathed in. Gazelle let her hands run up his sides, feeling the ripple of his muscles under her fingers. It was as though years hadn’t passed as they savored each other in silence.

“It’s like,” he started, his lips teasing her earlobe, “the only way you’ll stop is if I pin you down. You want it by force, don’t you, sweet Gazelle? You want me to tie you to my bed and taste your skin, then sip the honey from your cunt. Should I take the choice from you and bring out the cock hungry slut I know lurks inside you?”

That he knew her well was obvious. Gazelle loved being held down, loved feeling out of control, loved the way he split her wide with his body and owned her. It excited her to even think of him following through with his promise. He’d always known what she liked better than any other man. But she refused to be the only one out of her mind with desire.

Reaching between them, she caressed then squeezed him through the thin fabric of his pants. “Yours is the only cock I’m hungry for, you know that, Hunter.”

His teeth sank into her shoulder as he ground into her palm. The feeling of his tongue laving over the spot forced a moan from her throat. She tugged at the button on his jeans desperate to touch him, to feel that hard, hot part of him in her grasp. Before she could loosen the fastening, hands circled her wrists, pinning them to the wall by her hips.

When he leaned back to look at her, the blue was the darkest she’d ever seen them. He took her mouth in a hard kiss. “Not yet. You get this cock when and how I decide to give it to you.”

Gazelle felt a tightening in her stomach at the way he restrained her, commanded her. Ignoring the pull, she leveled him with a look. “And what if I don’t want it how you plan to give it to me? What if I want to find someone else?”

A smile tilted the corner of his mouth. “Because you won’t be satisfied any other way.” His smile broadened. “I’ll give you a choice though, but know which ever way you go there is no going back.”

Something like a premonition trickled across her mind. She eyed him before replying. “What are my choices?”

His expression didn’t change, but she felt his satisfaction. “You stay with me, and I make the decisions.” She opened her mouth and he cut her off. “Every decision, Gazelle. I tell you when, how often, and where and you agree. No questions. You’re on my time and I say when you come and how hard.”

He would own her, just like he wanted to before, but at least now she knew exactly what she was getting. She swallowed at the implications of that choice.

“And my other choice?” she asked around the lump in her throat.

It was a like a shutter dropped over his eyes. He released her arms, but didn’t step away from her. “You walk away for good and we never see each other again.”