“Go on.” 

Kate looked over to where the Sara was laid out on the bed. Her red hair was fanned over the white sheets, her freckles dotting her skin in the most alluring way. Sara smiled at her and opened her legs so the lips of her pussy parted. 

“Sir…” Kate said on a stuttered breath. 

David smacked her bottom hard enough that she squeaked. She took a step forward, hungry and horny just looking at Sara spread open. 

“Katie girl, you’ve been wanting this forever.” 

She danced on her tiptoes, moving between longing and uncertainty. Sara placed a hand right on her mound, her finger grazing her clit. Kate’s throat went from dry to overflowing with saliva from the need to just taste

“Oh,” Kate whispered. 

David squeezed her bottom where he’d spanked her. “I know what you need, girl. Let me help you.”

His hand found her back, resting between her shoulders before moving up to grip the nape of her neck. Kate relaxed under the weight of her hand, the uncertainty following away with each exhale. 

She felt his breath on her shoulder as he leaned close. “You need to taste her pussy, don’t you, Katie girl?” 

Her cunt fired at those words. “Yes, sir.” 

“You want to bury your face right where she’s touching, suck her clit, and hear her moan, don’t you?” 

“Yes, sir. Please.” She trembled now, wanting to be there as Sara circled her erect clit. 

He leaned in closer, his lips brushing her ear as he tightened his hold on her neck just a little. 

“You want her to come by your mouth. You want her scent all over your face, don’t you, Katie girl?” 

Kate’s hips jerked, her cunt throbbing at the thought of Sara coming because of her. 

“Yes, sir. Yes,” she hissed out, her feet moving forward without thoughts. “Please.” 

“Then go. Be a good girl and get what you need.” 

The moment his hand dropped from her neck, she was moving forward. Kate crawled up the bed and lay between Sara’s open thighs. Close; so close she could smell her, see the wetness seeping from her body. 

Just when the uncertainty started to creep in, Sara reached for her, wrapping a hand in her hair. 

“Please, Kate. I want you so bad.” 

Kate moaned and then leaned forward to lick her from top to bottom, tasting Sara. The next moan was longer, needy. 

“How does she taste, Katie?” 

He was close to her, his heat warming her body. She only moaned again, barely registering his presence before she leaned back to lick. Kate nibbled at Sara’s clit, licked and sucked at her lips, plunged her tongue deep inside her to gather all the wetness that spilled out. 

“More,” Sara pulled at Kate’s hair, squirming beneath her. 

Kate felt David behind her, parting her thighs and moving between. She buried her face in Sara’s pussy, sucking harder at her, needing to make her come. 

Sara started to shake under her. The way she rocked her hips harder drove Kate on. 

“Oh, Jesus,” Sara cried out above her. “I’m gonna… I’m gonna come.”

Her thighs tightened around Kate’s head, trapping her there as she came with a loud cry. The gush of her climax coated Kate’s face, and she drank it down as it flowed. 

“That’s a good girl, Katie.” 

David murmured those words as he nudged her thighs wider and pushed into Kate. She came around his cock the moment he seated himself deep, and she quivered even as she licked up every drop of Sara’s juices. 

Kate laid her head on Sara’s thigh, enjoying the slow thrusts of her sir and the musky sweet smell of Sara on her face. 


“Come this way.”

The woman moved past him and he hesitated a moment before following after her. His mind was torn between uncertainty and arousal with each step he took after her, the red laces trailing down the back of her corset a bright light in the dimness of the hallway.

Her hips swayed and her hills clicked on the tiled floor, each stoking his conflicting emotions until he felt breathless and a little dizzy. The longer they walked the more he considered bolting, ending things before they could begin.

Before he could act on the thought, she stopped in front of a red, padded door. She gave a quick twist and pushed inward, disappearing inside without a word.

The room was stark white, bare expect for a bed. One wall had a variety of implements he couldn’t even begin to identify, but sent his heart racing so fast he feared it would beat out of his chest.

He was left on the threshold, teetering on the brink.

“If you leave, you’ll wonder for the rest of your life if this is everything you’ve dreamed about.”

She stood facing him now, a smile on her pink lips. Her slender fingers traced along a black flogger, stroking the strands in a way he could feel on his skin. The corset was lower now, revealing more of her breasts as they spilled over the top. She was sexy, elegant, and alluring. Strength and power radiated from her as she waited for him to decide.

“Don’t you want to know?”

One brow lifted, her face patient and challenging in kind.

He wanted to know desperately. His body throbbed with the need to understand what he dreamed about, wrote about, masturbated to every single night. The need had become tangible in the last few months, permeating every thought he had until he’d found himself researching places to play out the fantasy.

It wasn’t as though he entered into this blind. Why did he hesitate now?

The beauty before him continued to wait for him, that smile on her face and certainty in her eyes as though she knew which way he’d go.

He stepped over the threshold into the room, a racing heart and total need driving him.

Her smile was smug for one brief moment before all friendliness disappeared. She approached him like a lion stalking prey and he stood frozen. When she was within inches of him, her honeyed scent swirling around him, she touched a fingertip to his chin. The glint was back in her eyes and his cock hardened from the control he saw in those depths.

“In this room, you belong to me. I take care of and discipline those that belong to me. Now strip.”

A switch flipped in his mind and from those words alone he found himself in a different mindset. With each piece of clothing he removed, under the gaze of his mistress, he became something more. He became the thing of his fantasies.

Her pet.


Something to jump start my writing. 

Exhibit A asked for fantasies so I sent along one of mind. My fantasies are complex, a longing to be dominated and have my desires both ignored and satisfied at once. I tried to communicate it in the 200 words I offered him. Check out the other fantasies showcased

It’s always the same. 

Face buried on the pillow, the scent of the hair product I use filling my nose, and muffling my groans. Back bowed with each thrust, the power of it making me ache all over. The rapid ingress, both unwanted and desperately needed as this nameless man takes what he believes rightfully belongs to him. 
My body, pressed and used harder than it’s ever been used before. And the unmistakeable presence of his hand around my neck, reminding me of my precarious position even as pleasure burns like fire through my body. 
“You want it so fucking bad, don’t you?”

He grunts the words in my ear as he uses me. I do, I do, I want it. 

I want to feel every hard inch. Each stroke rougher than the one before. I want to feel him bottom out, making me squeal each time. I want him to ignore my cries, squeezing at my neck enough to remind me of my place. I want bruises on my hip from his grip and aches all over my body from the use. 

I want to cum from the brunt of his aggression and cum again because he’s not done with me yet.

Little lady

This took on a life of its own. Runaway story alert  

He’d called me that from the day I moved in at nine until today even though I was no longer little or home with any regularity.

The older man had aged so gracefully in the twenty years he’d lived next door to my family. His salt and pepper hair had since transitioned to the dignified white of an elder, but his face remained unlined and his body unbelievably hard for someone far into his sixties. Lots of yard work over the years had turned his skin a baked brown color that made his teeth shine white when he smiled at me across our shared lawn space.

My attraction to him had morphed over the years. I’d loved how friendly he was when we first moved in the neighborhood. I was young and fatherless so the then forty something man next door was a pleasant male face that asked after me daily.

“Well, how you doing, little lady?” He’d stop mowing the lawn and step a little closer, his face lighting with interest.

“Playing out in the sunshine, Mr. B!”

I’d show him my game and chatter until he had to get back to work.

Gradually it changed. As I matured, so did my awareness of him. He’d still call me little lady and wave me down, but I’d notice his the way his eyes lingered over my legs or my breasts the older I got.

I’m home for a brief visit. Appeasing my family by stopping in and doing some cleaning of the stuff I’d accumulated in the basement.

“Little lady.”

I’d stepped out to set the trash can by the curb and encounter him leaning on his rake by his garage. His smile is warm and bright in the early morning light, jolting me just a little with that weird attraction I feel for him.

“Hey, Mr. B. How you been?” I walk closer to him so I’m not screaming across the yard. “Mom said you’d been sick recently.”

He gave a grimace and rubbed the back of his neck before chuckling softly. “Just a little heart trouble.”

I raise an eye town knowing a ‘little heart trouble’ probably wasn’t a minor thing. “Shouldn’t you be resting then?”

That bashful expression changes to a smirk. “I’m right as rain, baby girl. Nothing a little outside work won’t fix.”

Hearing him call me baby girl sent a bolt of hot lust through me. I shifted where I stood, struggling to ignore the rub of my panties against my suddenly swollen clit. I kept the lust off my face, raising two brows at him instead.

“Mr. B, do I have to tell your wife you’re out here being bad?”

That made him toss his head back and laugh. I shifted again acutely aware of the way my panties dampened.

His eyes sparkled when he finally met her face. “If I promise to go inside and rest, do you promise not to tell me wife? I’ll even invite you in for some sweet tea to sweeten the deal.”

I had a literal shit ton of things I had to do today, but I couldn’t pass up his offer. My body was moving toward him well before my mouth gave the necessary consent.

Folloeing him inside the cool darkness, I realized this was the first time I’d ever been in his house. Everything had the touches typical of an older couples house. Heavy floral curtains, weathered leather coaches that dominated one corner of the wood paneled living room, a curio cabinet filled with patterned dishwater.

On the heels of realizing this was the first time in the house came the realization that I really really shouldn’t have come in. My gut clenched not because I felt in danger but because if I stayed, I knew exactly what would happen if I did. Before I conjure the words to extract myself from the situation, he was handing me a cold glass of tea.

“Have a seat.” He placed a hand on the small of my back and guided me to the couch.

“Maybe I should drink and run…”

In spite of my weak protests, I let me lead me to the couch. He sat in the love seat just beside me so we were close enough that his knee brushed mine. We sat in silence, sipping our drinks. I could feel his eyes on me, glancing over the rim of his glass, but tried to behave.

“You’ve grown up.”

The husky tone drew my eyes to his. Blue, they were a blue so dark they looked black. I licked my lips and looked away.

“It was bound to happen.” I forced a chuckle. “Much to my mother’s dismay.”

“You’ve gotten quite beautiful, baby girl.”

Oh, God. I couldn’t handle him calling me that. Little lady was sweet and neutral. Baby girl? That played on every fantasy I had surrounding this man. My clit pulsed now and I was close to making bad decisions.

I took a big gulp of my tea before sitting the glass down on the coffee table. A hot flush was causing sweat to bead on my skin and I needed that swig to cool me down.

“Thanks for the tea, Mr. B. Glad I got to see ya while I was in.” I was to my feet in one smooth motion, keeping my eyes trained on the door and doing the right thing.

A strong, warm hand snagged my wrist before I could clear the table. “Did I say something to upset you?”

I turned to face him, pulled closer by the tug of his hand until my shins touched his knees. Staring down into his dark blues flustered me.

“Of course not!” I waved my free hand around helplessly. “I just don’t want to tax you.”

“You haven’t taxed me yet.” The way he said it, his eyes holding me shouted the exact meaning of his words.

He rose to his feet so we were touching, my chest to his and our legs nearly entwined. His breath breezed over my lips and I trembled just a little. When I felt the hard bulge tenting his jeans, pressing to my waist, I knew I was so fucked.

So bent over this old leather couch, his cock in my cunt, fucked.

He leaned into me, the hand at my wrist reaching to hold my waist now. “I’ve seen you looking when I’m out working shirtless. Every time you’re home I find a reason to strip down because I know you’ll be there watching.”

“Oh, God.”

I thought I was sneaky, but apparently not as sneaky as I believed. I swallowed and tried to get my brain to switch back on.

“Come on, little lady.” His other hand went to my nape. “Tell me what you do after you watch me work.”

My mouth went dry. I’d lay in the bed, trying desperately to keep my cries quiet as I rode my hand with thoughts of sucking his cock on my mind.

“Oh, I think I have an idea what you do. Naughty little girl.” He released my waist and placed his hand right against the seam of my damp shorts. He pressed the heel of his hand to my clit and I let out a breathy moan.

“Mr. B…” I licked my too dry lips, ashamed at how much my voice wobbled

“I know, and I think it’s important for little girls to confess so they feel better, don’t you.” He pressed harder and I swayed into him.

Fuck me. I squeezed my eyes shut, letting my legs spread a little wider as he touched me. He chuckled and rubbed my neck

“Do you know how girls confess in his house?”

My eyes fluttered open to met his. I had no idea as long as it involved him touching me like he was right then.

“On their knees, baby girl.” He pressed and I went down willingly before him. “With open mouths.”

He tapped my chin and I opened just as easily. I waited there before him, watching in a daze of lust as he released the button on his jeans and lowered the zipper. There was the flash of white before his cock was out for view. He wasn’t overwhelmingly large, but I wanted him between my lips so bad I could feel the saliva pooling.

“Stick out your tongue.” The moment I did he placed the head on the end. “Perfect. Don’t move.”

His eyes held me in place as he slid along my tongue and into my mouth. Deeper and deeper until he touched my throat. I practically vibrated with need.

“Do you want to suck?” He buried his hand in my hair.

I nodded careful not to dislodge him from my mouth.

“Then be a good girl.”

He didn’t even need to continue. My mouth closed around him and I savored my favorite mistake.


Balanced in that place between sleep and awake, he finds me there. Naked body warm, open, welcoming as he slips in beside to hold me. 

A large hand gripping my neck, squeezing to control from one breath… Inhale, squeeze, slow exhale… To the next. I am less asleep, more awake, but still teetering on dreams. 

My body blooms. Breasts heavy and begging for a sterner touch, a pinch or a bite. Legs parting, draping over thighs heavier than mine. Opening enough to welcome the thick, pulsing length of him inside. 

I am controlled. Clinging to the hand wrapped around my throat. Clinging to the cock driving deeper, harder, faster into the wet depths of me. 

I am awake. No longer dreaming, but breathing when he lets me and feeling each inch of my submission. 

He moves me to my stomach, never once breaking his hold or losing his stride. And I take it all, I open my thighs wider to receive, I wait for my next given breath as pleasure multiples in me. 

Untitled 1

I’m exploring a particular theme. 


She glanced over at the clock, blurry eyes making out the red numbers as they wavered. 3:30am, they read, the digital zero clicking to a one as she watched. 

Sleep was being evasive, in spite of the fact that she was exhausted and had to be up in less than three hours. First day of work was looming and, as usual, anxiety and new surroundings put resting just out of reach. 

As she rolled back over in a wasted effort to search for sleep, she wished terrible rest on all those other people who had the ability to fall asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. It was a minimum of forty-five minutes every night before she could convince her mind that all the world’s problems couldn’t be solved before bed. If not that, it was rehashing everything that had gone wrong – and right for that matter. 

It was all made worse tonight by being in a new place. Every time she relaxed enough to slip into some kind of slumber, her mind would think about how flimsy the deadbolt was or that she didn’t really know her new neighbors, or that maybe she should sleep with clothes on until she achieved some level of mental comfort. 

She was being ridiculous, but no amount of coaching seemed to lessen the underlying anxiety. It wasn’t like she wasn’t used to living alone, but something had her on edge. 

Of course, when sleep finally decided to welcome her, it brought a wicked nightmare that held her tightly in its grip. 

Something jolted her awake what felt like hours later, but a glance at the clock showed only forty-five minutes had passed. She lay still for a moment, trying to shake the terrifying dream as the sweat dried on her skin. A slight tremor racked her body, the blanket draped across her hips doing nothing to stave off the cool air. 

She shook off the feeling of weirdness, making to rise from the bed to get a glass of water. A rattle beside her bed had her freezing as she tossed her leg over the side. After a beat of nothing, she finished her progress, making for the closed door even as her heart raced. She needed to get a grip. 

As her hand grasped the knob, an arm slid around her waist and a rough palm covered her mouth. The shock of it held her immobile long enough for her to be pulled back against a clothed body. The jolt of her bare skin connecting with the stranger sent her into full panic mode. She flailed, scratched, and kicked even as he walked her backwards to her bed. 

She managed to make some contact with his soft parts, which only earned her a low chuckle in her ear. His amusement sent a surge of fear through her, turning her struggles wild. He didn’t loosen his grip, simply settling her on his lap the moment he came to her bad. 

“I like the ones with fight,” he whispered, the hand around her waist stroking her side lovingly. 

She heaved in air behind his hand, staring out into the darkness of her room. How was she going to get out of this? She pushed at the arm pining her to his body with everything she had to no avail. 

“I also like the ones that come already unwrapped for me.” The hand dropped to her thigh and she froze. 

In the low light filtering through the window, she watched as he draped first one leg then the other over the outside of his denim clad thighs. She could see her nakedness in stark clarity. The curly ruffs of hair at the juncture of her thighs and the way her lower lips parted. His hand settled back on her thigh, stroking just below the point where hip and thigh came together. 

She made to close her legs and his gentle stroking hand dug into her soft skin painfully. 

“Now, don’t go and do that. I can’t see you if you do that.” 

He opened his legs further, splaying hers uncomfortably wide. Instead of touching her, his fingertips drifted past that point, tracing the skin of her stomach in circles. Goosebumps popped up along the path as calloused fingers moved along. 

She couldn’t figure out his game. It was all a tease that made her feel strung out. He wasn’t hurting her, but she wanted him to do whatever he’s come to do so she could piece herself back together if necessary. 

His fingers traced around her areole until her nipple furled tight in response.  He pinched it lightly before moving to its twin. She jumped when he slapped the other lightly, the sting of it making her gasp. 

He pressed his cheek to hers, chafing her skin before kissing behind her ear. “I promised myself I’d wait, but I wanted to touch you. I needed to smell your skin before I came to you again.” 

She watched as he lowered his hand, so slowly as though he wanted her to watch, to pet her curls. She held her breath, dread and sick anticipation squeezing her chest in a vise. That first touch to her clit electrified her, her breath streaming out hot against the hand still pressed to her mouth. The second gentle swirl sent a heat through her. The third press of his fingers made her shudder. 

“Just a little taste before I take you.” He tapped harder and she squirmed, noting the hardened length of him against her bottom. 

She shuddered again, shaking her head. 

“Ssh,” he breathed in her ear. “Not tonight. Tonight is just for you.” 

Two fingers swirled around her nub before dipping between her parted lips. She mumbled a no, but he plunged deep with no regard for her protests. He played until her body joined the party, and murmured softly in her ear when squelching noises filled the room. It started in her belly, coiling tighter and tighter until… 

She arched in his grasp, her cries muffled by his hand. He kissed her cheek as she trembled in his arms. 

When she lay limp against him, he rose from his seated position. With quick movements, he laid her face down on bed. Fatigue wrapped around her like a tight blanket and she just couldn’t conjure the energy to look at his face. 

She felt his breath on her cheek and closed her eyes. 

“Next time is for me.” 

She barely heard his soft footfalls on the carpet, choosing to remain still. When silence surrounded her, she turned her head to glance at the clock. 

4:55 glowed back at her. Her heart gave a hard thud as she watched the five flip to six. 

The three of us

Lazy Sunday musings. Unedited

“Hold that pose.” Lisa tilted my chin a little higher.

I arched just a little, trying to ignore that ache that had nothing to do with the position I was in. The faint smell of my desire tickled my nose. Anticipation and nervousness had a way of riling me up. My eyes slid closed at the coming possibilities.

“Perfect.” Her voice was assertive with a sharp edge of lust to it. “Don’t move yet, let me show this to Rick. I think I know the next pose for you both.”

I relaxed just a little, leaning forward on my knees and bracing my hands more on the floor. I listened to their low murmurs by the bed and let my mind wander a bit. My attempts at calming my nerves

“God, you’re sexy,” husky voice whispered in my ear.

A feather light touch trailed down my back to the crack of my ass. I spread my knees and moved my hips back, displaying more of me. I can’t bring myself to look at either of them so I let my eyes take in the details of the carpet.

“Get behind her, Richard.” Lisa’s throaty  alto voice sent my heart rate into a gallop. “I want a picture of you against her.”

I breathe out as he moves in behind me. There’s just his body heat and I lean forward to give him room. Then it’s the touch of his furred chest to my back, his hands sliding down my arms, his hips tucking into my ass, his bare cock nestling to the curve of my bottom, and his hairy thighs bracketing mine. My eyes unfocus for a moment at the contact. It always feels good to be against another person, to feel them for the first time.

“Let me see your cock against her pussy.”

He shuffles back just a bit and I feel the brush of his hand on my ass before the head paints a wet track on my skin. I lift up just a little as he thrusts his hips forward, his cock easing along my perineum and against my labia. I sigh as it rests on my clit.

It’s almost indecent when I look down. His cock engorged and flushed pink cradled against the dark lips of my pussy. I can’t help rocking into it, wetting it, hinting at what I want. Richard’s hands find my hips, his body pressing counter to mine. Encouraging me along.

“That’s it.”

She’s moved closer, the camera trained between my thighs. I watch her, her dark hair wild around her face, her parted lips wet from the slide of her tongue, and the blush that touched her checks and neck. I want her so intensely my breath catches in my throat.

“So delicious. How does she feel, Richard?”

“Wet, hot.” His breath fans over my shoulder.

“Do you want to fuck her?” There was just a hint of steel in the question.

He simply laughs and thrusts against me.

“Lisa.” Her name leave my lips on a moan as Richard’s cock bumps my clit. “Can I touch you?”

The camera disappears in a flash and she’s so close I can make out the flecks of gold in her eyes.

“You can do more then touch me, pretty girl.”

Her lips take mine in a kiss that’s aggressive and overwhelming. I gave myself over to it all, the feel of him behind me and the heat of her kiss. My fingers find the buttons of her shirt, fumbling until I can find skin. She’s bare under the fabric, warm and soft. I feel like it’s my first time as I tentatively trace her pebbled nipple.

“Don’t be gentle,” Richard whispers into my ear. “She likes it rough.”

Lisa releases my lips and pulls me into her chest. “Don’t be afraid to bite.”

I inhale the warm scent clinging to her skin before licking at one taut nipple. She pulls me in more, thrusting her chest forward. I take her hint and latch on, sinking my teeth in deep before sucking hard.

“Yes.” Her hands grip my neck, holding and guiding me.

She let me taste and nibble one breast before leading me to the other. Richard continued the gentle rocking motion, teasing me unbearably.

Her hand guides me lower. I lick at her skin, tasting salt and soft flesh. My eagerness increases the closer I get to the waist of her skirt. She wastes no time pulling the hem up and baring herself. Glistening lips, pink and puff, and her clit peeking out in invitation. The need to have my mouth on her pussy is more intense than I’ve ever experienced. I need it now.

I skim my hands up her thighs, grateful when she parts them.

Nervousness hits me. I’ve never really touched another woman and worry I’ll disappoint. I know her history and I don’t want to be the one who failed to please her.

She pulls me in, not letting me back down or give in to anxiety. “Just have a taste and you’ll love it.”

My mouth presses to her smooth cunt in an open mouth kiss. She’s far wetter than I am and I let my tongue gather as much as I can. Surprisingly, she doesn’t push me, letting me set the pace for the moment. I knew it wouldn’t last. But God does she taste good. Just having my tongue wiggling in as deep as I could go made me hot.

“Richard, fuck her like you fuck me.” Her hips thrust up into my mouth as she pulls until she can lay flat and I’m bent at the waist. “Fuck her now so I can lick her off your cock.”

I moan into her wet flesh, my lips latched around her clit. My anxiety has morphed into this wanton need that had me wiggling my hips. I suck and lick and taste with abandon.

That first thrust, that first stretch, that slight pain was perfect. He was merciless, setting a pace that drove my face deep into her. I braced my hands on her thighs and ate her with the same vigor he used on me.

“So hot.” He mumbled above me but I was too into it to hear.

I lived for every lick, for her tremble, for her yell, for the gush of her on my chin when she came repeatedly. Man, could she cum with a ferocity that was amazing. The clench of her thighs around my head and her loud screams sent me into a frenzy.

It didn’t take long for my focus to shift as Richard fucked me in earnest, hitting just the right spot. I was so close to coming, my thighs shaking as I hovered on the edge. He must have sensed it because just a flick of his fingers on my clit had me arching up and babbling my satisfaction.

“Shit,” he hissed out, his hands gripping my thighs hard.

She sat up like a shot. “Richard, I want your cum.”

Her eyes blazed and he scrambled to obey. The loss of him from my cunt made me groan, but I leaned back on my haunches and watched as he straddled her chest and allowed her to suck him down her throat. It was mesmerizing, watching the clench of his ass as he thrust and listening to her slurp

Richard stiffened, a loud groan filling the room as he spurted down her throat. She seemed to savor every mouthful, humming and sucking. I fingered my clit as I watched them both come down, unable to look away from the intimate moment.

She released his relaxed cock with a pop, licking the length of it before letting her head drop.

“Mmm, delicious.” Her satisfaction was evident with every lick of her lips. She glanced at me, her eyes still burning with hunger. “Now I want to taste that pussy myself.”

Richard chuckled as he settled back on the floor. “Don’t let her wear you out, she’s insatiable.”

Last Year

Going through my archives and found something from August of last year. Stories I Create On The Train. Raise your hand if you remember this…

A sharp turn forces him to widen his stance. Fitted khaki colored pants encase long legs and an ass I want desperately to sink my teeth into.

He’s who I want. My post work, fatigue muddled brain wants him for no other reason than the way his shoulders stretch his blue shirt. That and his thick dark hair I want to run my fingers through.

I’ve been starving lately. Hungry for the slide of a hard shaft into my mouth. My compulsions, the things I crave always take me by surprise. I can’t help craving him as we both sway to the movements of the train.

I want to slide from my seat, push him into the space I’ve vacated, slip between his knees, and free his cock there in the crowded train. He’d be surprised, but wouldn’t resist. What man would resist a warm, willing mouth dying for his cum? Public indecency be damned…

My mind contemplates how he’d smell. After a long day at work he’d be musky, sweaty, masculine right at the place I want to bury my nose. Smooth, he’d be smooth and hot as I lick up and then down. I’d brace on his thighs as I take him into my mouth, and he’d brace on the seats and toss his head back. That strong, stubbled jaw would clench as I sucked. I’d look up and admire the line of his throat as we both rode out the pleasure I’d give him…

Now I have to close my eyes to slow the heavy pulse thumping inside me. I have to stop imagining this shit or I’m going to go crazy. I can’t help it though. Like I can’t help my cravings, I can’t help my imagination. Like I can’t help sneaking glances at his body as we continue along. I survive on this even if it winds me impossibly tight, even as it stokes my desire.

There’s my stop. Home for a little relief.

Stories I Create On The Train

A sharp turn forces him to widen his stance. Fitted khaki colored pants encase long legs and an ass I want desperately to sink my teeth into.

He’s who I want. My post work, fatigue muddled brain wants him for no other reason than the way his shoulders stretch his blue shirt. That and his thick dark hair I want to run my fingers through.

I’ve been starving lately. Hungry for the slide of a hard shaft into my mouth. My compulsions, the things I crave always take me by surprise. I can’t help craving him as we both sway to the movements of the train.

I want to slide from my seat, push him into the space I’ve vacated, slip between his knees, and free his cock there in the crowded train. He’d be surprised, but wouldn’t resist. What man would resist a warm, willing mouth dying for his cum? Public indecency be damned…

My mind contemplates how he’d smell. After a long day at work he’d be musky, sweaty, masculine right at the place I want to bury my nose. Smooth, he’d be smooth and hot as I lick up and then down. I’d brace on his thighs as I take him into my mouth, and he’d brace on the seats and toss his head back. That strong, stubbled jaw would clench as I sucked. I’d look up and admire the line of his throat as we both rode out the pleasure I’d give him…

Now I have to close my eyes to slow the heavy pulse thumping inside me. I have to stop imagining this shit or I’m going to go crazy. I can’t help it though. Like I can’t help my cravings, I can’t help my imagination. Like I can’t help sneaking glances at his body as we continue along. I survive on this even if it winds me impossibly tight, even as it stokes my desire.

There’s my stop. Home for a little relief.

Stories I Create On The Train

I’m on my way to church, a moment when my mind should focus on Godly things after I’ve let it wander through the week.

The train has just pulled into the station and I watch him step up to the platform out of the corner of my eye. And like a smoke cloud evaporating, there goes my concentration on The Lord.

God help me (now I’m praying in earnest), he’s delicious with his tattooed arms and neatly trimmed beard. The lean body he hides under that tee seems to ripple. It’s hot and I’m thinking about how badly I want to lick the sweat from his body.

So much for thinking Godly thoughts. My body is switched on and the whole ride into town I’m fantasizing about crawling into his lap and under that painfully thin t-shirt, lapping at the muscles until they quiver under my tongue. What does his skin taste like? I contemplate this among many things.

Two stops away, a crowd of people board and he stands up for a mom and her kids. Parts of me melt and I’m ashamed to say my heart wasn’t the first thing on the list.

Now he’s closer though, his hand gripped the bar in front of me, arm extended above my head so I can track the flex of his body. I take a breath and smell male, musky, sexy man. Lord, I want to step forward and bury my nose in his neck and my hands in his pants. I’ll sing praises then and so will he. Hallelujah.

My fantasies are so basic, so primal I can’t be bothered to concoct some elaborate story. My mind can’t get beyond how badly I want him.

“Your tattoos are beautiful.” For the love… Is that really all my sex muddled brain can muster and force out of my mouth?

He smiles. God what a sexy smile. “Thanks.”

I wish I was smooth, one of those girls that’s pretty and/or articulate. Not today.

We get off at the same stop. I detour a little and he ends up in front of me going up the stairs. Slow walking, him in front and me behind. I’m thinking I need to focus on heaven and that does not include the way his butt fills out his jeans.

Heavenly Father, refocus my attention, in Your name I pray. Amen.

I’ll think of the “what ifs” of his body wrapped around mine and me doing bad things with him after the service.