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Some of you are new to the site and some of you have been following me since I was on a really old blogging platform over 10 years ago. 

In this incarnation, I am Cara. The erotic writer, the displayer of naughty photos, the peddler of perfectly packaged filth. 

This site is just over 4 years old and I want to continue on as long as I can. Unfortunately, WordPress isn’t kind to the erotic/filthy/naughty side of us and has a nasty habit of closing sites without much warning. I value this space and your feedback too much to lose it all at some other person’s discretion. So, like the with it and reasonably intelligent person I am, I’ve decided to turn to self-hosting. What I need can be found by moving in that direction. 

Freedom (as narrow as that is lately)
Space to express

I’m not asking for much. Let me show my tits without fear of reprisal or censoring, for petes sake. 

What I’m asking is that you follow me to my new place. Same Cara, same sexy content, but a little more safety. 

All the content will be found there so no worries about losing a favorite post. This site will be here, but let’s point to something better. 


Click the sexy little kitty and come follow me. In fact, you may already be following me. By some wizardry you may have gotten two notifications for posts the last few times. 

Only thing that’s changed is my location. I hope to engage you more and make you feel more welcomed. Come along and don’t be late.