For all you do 

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“May I give thanks, Daddy?”

Breakfast piped hot on both their plates. She’d been a good girl and brought him his coffee after he’d finished cooking. It was their quiet time together before he left for work. 

He flipped the edge of the paper down and glanced at her. She had an smile on her face as she stared back. 

“Go ahead, kitten.” 

He flipped his paper back up, grabbing his coffee for a sip. The taste of hazelnut and cream slipped over his tongue, mixing with the words on the page to bring him fully into the day. 

The scrape of the chair drew him back to his girl. Instead of her head bowed over her plate, he caught sight of her bare bottom as it disappeared under the table. 

Before he could question her, little hands were tugging at his trousers. She was quick, removing his soft cock in seconds. 

“Kitten,” he narrowed his eyes on the column he was reading, taking another sip of his coffee. “What are you doing?” 

Her lips wrapped around the head, giving a suck before replying. “Giving thanks, Daddy.” 

She gulped down more of his cock, licking an sucking until he was hard and throbbing. His grip on the paper increased, nearly crumpling it in his palm. 

He came with a soft grunt, holding her head tight against him as his come surged down her throat. The little minx hummed with pleasure as she swallowed each drop. 

After a soft lick, she released him and helped him fasten his trousers. She surfaced and settled in her chair, looking very much like a cat who got her cream. 

“Thank you, Daddy,” she chirped before digging into her breakfast. 

Take 2

An unedited shortie just for the gif on this week’s MM

“Roll over.”

I blinked up at him, sleep still clouding my brain. The sun had just started peeking through the curtains and I had nowhere to be today. I should be sleeping in.

“Shouldn’t you be at work,” I croaked out.

He narrowed his eyes at me. “Roll over. Now.”

The sharp command in his voice did something to me. I found myself obeying even though it made no sense. Flipping on my belly, I lay still and wait for him to tell me what’s going on. Long moments pass and sleep starts to creep back in. Just as I’m about to succumb to its seductive pull, he ripped the covers from my body.

“Hey! What the fuc–”

His hand landed with a loud crack and pain rippled across my skin. I’m rendered speechless as it morphs into something hot that woke my pussy up.

“Take off your shorts.” The way he growls the words had me scrambling to shed the fabric.

I’m panting now, my body hot just from a few commands and a well administered spank. I’d do and be whatever he wanted if he just carried on spanking me.

He leaned over me, his hand grasping my ass as his lips brushed my ear. My heart is beating out of my chest as I wait for his next order.

“I heard you mumbling in your sleep. Begging to be fucked and writhing beside me. I was hard as a rock listening to your moans. I want to see you fuck yourself now, before I leave for work. Two fingers in your cunt, on your clit, and your ass moving.” He spanked me again. “Do it. Now.”

I rushed to obey. I stuffed my hands under me, left hand fingers thrusted deep while my right hand fingers rubbed at my clit.

“Harder. Fuck yourself.”

He smacked my ass harder and harder. His aim on my wiggling flesh sure. I was frantic. Every thrust, rub, spank propelling me higher. My cunt was a wet mess, squelching every time my fingers went in.

“Please, please, please.” I was chanting and begging.

“Come,” he demanded in my ear. “Come for me.”

I arched up and exploded. It was magical in the morning light. My body squeezed my fingers hard as I gushed over my hand. My clit twitched beneath my fingertips and I rubbed at it still even as the spasms tried to render me dumb. My ass rose and fell as I rocked into the intense wave of it. And he hovered above me, groaning his pleasure at my obedience and abandon.

I dropped limp into the bed, uncaring that I now lay in a wet spot. I fell back asleep to his whispered promise that he’d see me tonight.

Exotic beauty

Shari’s hand brushed mine with the lightest of touches and my nipples hardened. I blinked in surprise at my reaction to her. Considering I was as straight as an arrow that my body responded to her touch shocked me.

“Tell me about your travels, Joanna.”

The husky resonance of her voice pulled me from my surprise. I blinked and focused on her face. Large blue eyes staring intently at me, a smile tilting up the corners of her bright red lips. I swallowed, feeling as though a shift had occurred at some point in our conversation and I’d failed to notice the transition.

We were friends. Had been for a few years now. And while I’ve always noticed she was an attractive woman with her dark hair, petite frame, and generous curves, she was just someone who listened to me go on about my troubles at work. We’d go out all the time, buy a couple of drinks, and just talk. All things good, but causal friends did.

I wasn’t sure what was going on with me tonight. One too many old fashions and the sadness that accompanied a bad break up. That had to be it.


Her hand fell to my thigh and I jumped as though I’d been stung. Shari just smiled and squeezed my leg before stroking where the hem of my short skirt stopped. The sensation muddled my brain a little.

“You seem a little distracted tonight, you okay?”

Shari licked her lips and leaned in, the heady scent of her perfume wrapped around me and I couldn’t help the way my eyes dropped to her breasts spilling out of her barely buttoned blouse. I wanted to feather kisses from her collarbone to the pebbled nipples I saw pushing against her top.

I whipped my eyes back up to hers, caught in her gaze. “I… Uh… I think maybe I just had too much to drink tonight. My head’s a little fuzzy.”

Her smirk unsettled me. The tips of her fingertips, soft like butterflies, tickled my knee and I shivered as goosebumps covered my leg. When her quick fingers darted up my inner thigh, I grabbed her wrist, glad for the cover of the table even as I blush and glance around. I didn’t move her hand from beneath my skirt and her palm seemed to burn into my skin.

“Shari, what are you doing?” Why I whispered, I couldn’t tell you, but the whole night was making me unbalanced.

She leaned in, her breath fanning out over my cheek as her lips pressed to my ear, and I swear to God my heart was going to pound out of my chest.

“What does it look like I’m doing, Jo?”

Her fruity breath and spicy scent wrapped around me as she teased the soaked gusset of my panties with those quick fingers. My breath stuttered out of me and I drew in another ragged one, nearly losing it when she pressed against my clit.

“I wasn’t sure when you’d notice how much I liked you.” She kiss my cheek so softly I had to stop myself from leaning into her touch. “I’ve been waiting around for you.”

“I don’t like girls.” My protest sounded weak to my ears, but at least I said it.

“No,” she whispered as she circled my clit so slowly my hips jerked. “but you like me, don’t you, Jo.”

She blew her hot breath into my ear and I shivered from head to toe. It was obvious that I did. My mind was swimming with the ways I wanted to touch her. She pinched my clit and cried out before I could stop the sound. I squeezed my eyes shut, sure I was red from the roots of my hair down. She had me on edge with just a few grazing touches.

“Come on, Jo. I’ll help you forget all about him.” Shari kissed the corner of my mouth, withdrawing her hand even as I whimpered in disappointment. She grabbed my chin and turned my face so I was trapped by her eyes. “Don’t you want to forget him, Jo?”

I wanted to do more than forget…

“Yes, please.”

Her wicked smile was all together too satisfied, but I’d worry about that later. Right now I just wanted to feel.


I’ll try to keep a promise to complete this

Good breeding and years of practice helped Victoria keep the thoughts from showing on her face. As it was, she fluctuated between the desire to bare her teeth and the need to roll her eyes. The scraping and bowing of the sychophants attempting to catch her hand was enough to make her scream.

“My lady, you are absolutely beautiful this evening. Have I told you how stunning you are in that dress and the way you glide along the floor when you dance?”

This particular… Toad… had been laying it on thick since she’d been forced to accept his bid for a dance. His clammy hand in hers and the slight waft of garlic overshadowed any possible attraction she may have felt. The pinch of his face and the narrow spacing of his eyes gave him the look of a rat. And the slight stutter… Maintaining her decorum in the face of his fawning was proving to be difficult.

“Princess Victoria, if I may be so bold, I would be honored to call upon you after this evening and deepen our acquaintance.”

He brought her just a little closer on the next turn around the floor so she felt every inch of him. The man believed in cod pieces, as was the current fashion. His was large, but Victoria wasn’t fooled at all by that show. She’d sized him up the second he’d taken her hand to escort her to the floor. There was no stopping her eye roll at his sloppy attempt.

“I’m afraid I’m much too busy at the moment, but I’ll keep your request in mind for the future.”

Blessedly, the music ended, freeing her from his clutches and allowing her to glide out of reach. She heard him stuttering out behind her and took secret pleasure in leaving him scrambling on the polished floor. 

It was time to depart this ball before she fell into a screaming fit out of frustration. 

She approached her mother, careful to keep her face passive. The woman could spot mutiny a mile away and any defiance on her part would be met with massive resistance. If she wanted to slip away she’d have to play the game carefully.

“My Queen.” She bowed, full of flourish. “How fare thee?” 

The raised eyebrow told her she may have piled it on too thick, but she couldn’t stop that or the hint of sarcasm coloring her voice. 

“Victoria.” She straightened up and gave her mother a smile she hoped was convincing. “Trying to beg off already?” 

Her smile faltered, her eyes narrowing on her mother. The woman’s face was marble smooth, but the twinkle in her chocolate eyes gave away her mirth. 

“Not that I can blame you. You seemed to have been swarmed by a particularly noxious bunch this evening. Your father must have been feeling ill-humored.” 

“Truly,” Victoria mumbled. “I was beset upon by frogs.” 

The tinkling of her mother’s laughter lightened her mood. The two of them were far too similar, which made her father ill-humored often when they decided to defy whatever edict he’d put in place. 

Her mother grew serious after a moment, her steely mask back in place. “You’ll have to choose, Victoria. Whether you wish to or not, you’ll have to pick a suitor to appease your father as well as the kingdom.” 

That squashed her good spirits. Appeasing for the good of the kingdom. Next to rule, but not without a man by her side. Bitterness churned in her gut at that fact. Archaic and exacting. A fact that wouldn’t have mattered if she’d been born a boy. Victoria pushed her irritation away. 

“The day is coming, but today is not that day.”  Squaring her shoulders and plastering on her smile, she curtsied again for her mother. “I will take my leave now while there is still time.” 

She turned with a sweep of her gown and made her way across the ballroom. Head high, she nodded and smiled as she passed but made it clear from her pace that she would not stopped. Would that she could run her entire life with such an attitude. 

The quick climb to her room allowed her to work off some of her irritation. Her belly gave a protesting growl as she crossed the threshold into her suite. A reminder that she’d skipped dinner in order to be squeezed into the impossible dress she wore. 

Her chamber maid surged to her feet at her entrance. Victoria waved her off. “Have Patrece fill up the bath and bring a small tray for me. You can take your leave after you’ve unlaced this God-awful bodice.” 

“Yes, mistress.” The girl sprung into action, releasing her quickly from the dress and aiding her in stripping down to her shift. 

When the girl departed, Victoria breathed a sigh of relief before parking herself before the vanity to unpin her hair. It was a chore, but one that never failed to relax her. Pins collected like fallen soldiers in front of her as she took down her locks, her eyes closed in concentration. She let her fingers comb through the strands as they lay over her shoulder, unknotting both her hair and her mind. 

A brush of lips along the exposed nape brought her back to the moment. She met Patrece’s eyes in the mirror. The way they glowed with want sent heat through her veins. 

Eyes so blue they sparkled regarded her from just behind her shoulder. She watched as blunt, calloused fingers traced the spot behind her ear before trailing down her shoulder. His hand reached around to cradle the curve of her belly and she felt surrounded by his heat. His lips tickled her ear, warm breath ghosting along bare skin as he tasted her. 

“Ah, my Princess. A rough evening for you?” 

His accent, a hint of something totally foreign to her own, made her shiver almost as much as his lips. She dropped her chin, giving him access to her neck. The slide of his lips continued a path down until they latched on to the pulse pounding at her throat. 

“God, you have no idea.” Her hands clenched in the thin fabric of her shift, trying desperately to wait for his leading. “It was unbearable.”

He hummed softly. “I’m sure it was. I know a bath and some food will make it better.” 

She needed more than that. Her breath was coming in pants and he’d barely touched her. If he left her in such a state, she feared she’d expire. 

“Come, let us set our princess to rights.” The graze of his teeth over her pulse made her shudder with need. 

His other hand grasped the bottom of her shift, pulling it up inch by agonizing inch. Baring her to the waist, he released his hold on her stomach to part her legs. The cool air hit her heated parts and she bit back a moan. 

“Is that what you need, Victoria?” The way he whispered her name… The way he spoke as though he knew exactly what she needed. He did. “Would that make you better?”

Before she could answer, he was cupping her gently. She gasped then, unable to hide behind a mask when he touched her body like that. Her eyes fluttered closed, but a tap on her thigh opened them. 

“No, no, my Princess. You must participate always with me. No hiding. Now watch.”

He swept her shift up and over her head so nothing could shield her eyes from what he did to her. One large palm cupped her aching breast, teasing her nipple to a hard point. And between her thighs, she watched as he parted her nether lips and circled her button. Victoria wanted to fall back against him as the pleasure unfurled, but she knew looking away would stop his sweet torture. 

“They don’t know how good you are, do they, Princess? They don’t know how you moan and squirm and beg for my cock when I touch you just right. They’re beneath you because you were made just for me, a peasant, a servant. Yes, Princess?”

He pressed one thick finger inside her and she bit her lip. It was impossible what they had. Dangerous even, but she couldn’t deny him. Her hips circled as he played her body, her mind muddled by his ministrations. 

“Mine.” He pinched her nipple hard and she arched as the pain streaked through her. “All mine.” 

As her body continued to quicken under his knowledgable hands, Victoria could only surrender. 

“Yes, Patrece. Just for you.” 

She felt his smile against her skin as he sank another finger inside her, determined to drive her to the edge before they continued. “Just for me.” 

Something Sexy This Way Comes

Photos today.

I wanted to share one thing I plan to wear for the session. A sneaky peek of sexy in the form of an expensive Victoria’s Secret purchase I made yesterday.


As I looked at it from every angle, I wished I had someone to share it with knowing they’d enjoy it. You’re my Internet boyfriend so I offer it to you. Thanks for stopping in to see me IB!